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Google’s ultimatum before removing Google Play apps

Google Play ultimatum desarrolladores servicios accesibilidad

This is a time of malware. With our use of our mobile devices, they have become a favorite target for cybercriminals. At Android, we’ve seen numerous threats in the form of applications that seek to steal personal data. That’s why Google has been working on a workable solution for some time now.

It makes sense for the Mountain View company to aim to ensure that its services are more secure, but also more accessible to reach a larger number of users. In both services and devices, we find accessibility functions; reading the contents on screen, subtitles on YouTube, etc. The problem is that these characteristics can be exploited and become a threat to security.

Google gets firm: it could remove many apps from Google Play

On Android devices, everything related to making them easier to use is part of what is known as Accessibility Services. This is where we find the functions developed with the objective that disabled users can use their smartphone without problems. For example, people with vision difficulties can use the function of saying passwords aloud or explaining what is shown on the screen.

There are also tools for these tasks, such as Action Launcher, which expands the notification bar, LastPass password manager, or Twilight, to take care of your eyes by dimming the glare. This type of applications use accessibility features to provide features that do not come with the terminals. The problem is that the misuse of accessibility functions poses a safety hazard to devices.

Google is taking steps in Google Play, contacting developers to verify that they are not misusing the Accessibility Services, according to AndroidPolice portal. Of course, those who use these services to develop applications that truly aim to make the experience more accessible will have no problem. However, Google has set a time limit for its rules to be met.

Specifically, app developers have 30 days. If you do not ensure that you are using the Accessibility Services correctly within this timeframe, your applications will be removed from Google Play. We could see popular titles disappear, but in any case it is a measure that seeks to benefit users. Although there are other factors, such as Google Play Protect malfunctioning, that make us doubt whether our devices will really be safer.

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