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What new features will we see on mobile phones in 2018?

tendencias móviles 2018

2018 is just around the corner and the manufacturers, except OnePlus which has its OnePlus 5T falling down, have already presented all their jewellery for this year but… What will happen in 2018? What news will we see next year?

2017 has been a year full of novelties, more than it seems, and in the next 12 months there are going to be several changes in the smartphone landscape, some are more than clear and others are more our assumptions.

18:9 screens, an upward trend

Galaxy A 2018 diseno

The first big novelty, and good change, are the new screens with 18:9 format. These new panels are becoming increasingly inexpensive and this will cause manufacturers to start adopting this format as a standard feature.

The screens that Samsung and LG have adopted this year have been key to compact smartphones and the truth is that this new diagonal allows the mobile phone to hold better and have a larger screen in a reduced space (especially for the hand).

It’s time for the big batteries

Until now it has been common practice to see mobile phones with batteries of 3000 mAh or less, 4000 mAh batteries or more were reserved for certain models but this is becoming more and more common.

Users need the 2-day autonomy of intensive use and the new large batteries like the HTC U11+ and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro will start to reach more mobiles, a really necessary step. With the new screens and new formats now manufacturers know how to integrate batteries but these will be longer and less wide.

We’ll see the integrated fingerprint sensors on screen


Qualcomm already has a technology that will allow the fingerprint sensor to be integrated into the display, but the Galaxy S9 will not be included and Galaxy Note 9 may be the first to include this technology.

We think it is a necessary step to take and we will see it in the next 12 months, we hope that someone comes forward and we can see it in the MWC 2018.

Wireless charging will become commonplace

After Apple, a few years after the first Android, has made the leap to wireless charging, many manufacturers are now sure to add to this trend.

Wireless charging is convenient and useful and even allows us to overlook the humidity of the charging connector. In 2018, many manufacturers are sure to join this trend, but mobile phones will become more fragile as they need a glass back.

Apple’s crappy Apple iPhone X mounts a screen with an islet like the Essential Phone and it’s possible that some Chinese manufacturer may copy them, there are bets that Oppo will do it and surely some other manufacturer of less relevance but we hope that of the big ones nobody will do the same as Apple, it’s a big foolishness.

The slow arrival of Artificial Intelligence

Kirin Huawei Mate 10

Another novelty that we will see in 2018 will be the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, a little slow, although it is generally presented in the form of support and not as AI.

Android 8.1 already has a default API for that type of technology and the next Qualcomm and Samsung processors are likely to mount something to compete with the A11 Bionic and the new Kirin from Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

And yes, 2018 will be the year in which HTC can close down (if business doesn’t go well) and Android tablets will continue to drip out as we wait for the famous Fuchsia OS, an interesting system. What do you think? Do you think we’re doing pretty good or out of the loop? We just lacked the folding smartphones, something we will see in the Galaxy X but we don’t know if we really like it….

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