WhatsApp for tablets is about to arrive

WhatsApp en tablet

WhatsApp is the same as Kleenex; we use this term as a synonym for message. I’m sure you’re either saying or being told about “I’m sending you a whats.” No wonder this metonymic designation, because it’s the industry’s leading instant messaging application.

This summer it surpassed the astronomical figure of 1.2 billion active users per day. It is one of the essential apps in smartphones, one of the first that we installed as soon as we released one. And soon it will be one of the ones that tablets can’t miss, because it looks like it will have a specific version for these devices.

WhatsApp will release tablet version soon

WABetaInfo is the medium of choice for further developments in this service. Based on the latest data you’ve filtered, we know that WhatsApp has implemented a folder called “Tablet-iOS” in the application code. As you can see from the screenshot of the media you shared on your official Twitter account, this new folder contains images and icons corresponding to a tablet version.

As WABetaInfo describes, it is a version of WhatsApp for iPad, which they found after upgrading to desktop version 0.2.6968. The company has yet to confirm if this is the case, but this leakage could mean that this variant for Apple tablets would arrive very soon. Leaks from this medium are always accurate. Now it’s time to wait and see if a WhatsApp version of Android tablets will also land.

It will most likely also arrive for Google’s mobile system. The question is how long it will take. For now, you can use WhatsApp on a tablet like this (without installing anything). It’s also a good option to use WhatsApp Web, which offers these six great advantages. In any case, it won’t be long before we see WhatsApp on every tablet. Will you use it?

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