This could be the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S8 Imagen

If there’s one phone that a lot of users are waiting for like crazy, that’s Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung will present the S9 in January 2018, three months ahead of schedule, so we don’t have much time to get to know it. As has become customary with the announcement of a phone, and more of these characteristics, rumors about it keep coming up.

In the last few hours, images have been leaked about the possible design of the Galaxy S9. However, the images are rather poorly resolved and there is nothing clear about whether the phone in question is really Samsung’s next flagship. Therefore, we must take it as what it is: an unverified filtration.

What will the Samsung Galaxy S9 look like?

Anyway, it’s worth analyzing the images because it could indeed be the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Almost certainly you will have an Infinity Display design. The South Korean company could make the frames even thinner to give it a more elegant look. However, it appears that Samsung will not completely remove the physical Bixby button.

As for the back of the phone, we can see a double rear camera positioned vertically; just below, the fingerprint sensor. At first it looked like the South Korean company was going to bet on integrating the sensor into the screen, but finally the Galaxy S9 will not have a fingerprint sensor built into the screen. The truth is that the sensor in the back is not a very comfortable system for users, but for now it is the only one there is.

As far as we can see in these images, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will not have an innovative design. This is not really surprising either, because all the rumours we have heard so far have pointed out that the South Korean company will not make any dramatic changes in the device’s design with respect to the Galaxy S8.

We will still have to wait a couple of months before we know the official design of the new flagship of the South Korean company. We’ll keep you informed of everything!

What do you think of the leaked images of Galaxy S9? Do you like them or were you expecting something else?

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