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These are the top 5 top-of-the-range mobile phones that have FM radio

radio FM en un LG

FM radio is a tool that is being forgotten and many manufacturers choose not to implement them on their mobile phones. That said, there are very few high-end mobile phones that have the famous FM radio and that is why many users complain to the companies, as they do not implement this important tool.

Why do users ask for mobile phones to have FM radio? This tool helps you save bandwidth and even battery life compared to other transmissions. But that’s not the only advantage, because if a natural disaster, hurricane, terrorism or other, a local radio station will always keep you informed so there’s no power.

On the other hand, mobile phones with FM radio are very common, but in the high range is lost a little that function. However, those that come with Qualcomm chips have support for this tool even if they don’t have it implemented in the terminal. This means that if you have a Qualcomm mobile phone with a Qualcomm processor, you can have the FM radio without problems.

So, which high-end mobile phones have FM radio?

Before we start, we have to tell you that most of these phones don’t have the default radio, but you can have it for an application called NextRadio, which offers compatibility with almost any device and has an extensive list of terminals that support your application. Although, you need certain operators to complete the job.

Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus tiene radio FM

Moto has had several manufacturers but none of them have interfered with the FM radio. Although this is not a top-of-the-range handset, it has excellent specifications and offers amazing features for a gift price. In addition, we have the FM radio from stock and we don’t need any specific operator to make it work.

LG V20

LG V20

We know that this model is a bit old, but it is still an excellent LG brand device. In addition, the same company has announced that it has NextRadio support. In other words, the LG V20 is already compatible with NextRadio, but you must have one of these operators: AT & T, Sprint or T-Mobile.

On the other hand, we have to tell you that LG plans to add FM radio support for their upcoming releases, and they will be compatible with NextRadio.

Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 y S7 edge

These devices do not come with a factory installed FM radio, and it is for the simple reason that the latest Samsung models do not have this support. Although, it is possible to have the radio thanks to the operators. In case you want to use the FM radio on your Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, you just need to have a Verizon carrier chip or use NextRadio, which is compatible with AT & T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Unlocked, US Cellular, Virgin Mobile and many more.


LG G6 tiene soporte de radio FM

Without a doubt the LG G6 is a mobile phone that deserves to be on the list because it has a factory FM radio and if we take a look at the list, it is the newest one we found. Although, if you want to try an alternative, this device is compatible with NextRadio, having one of these AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon operators.

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+

Galaxy S8 y S8 Plus

Many people consider this mobile phone to be the best of the best and therefore, we had to integrate it into the list of the top 5 top-of-the-range mobile phones with FM radio. If you have a Galaxy S8 and want to use FM radio, you need to test NextRadio with operators, AT & T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Spricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and many more.

For now, these are the 5 best proposals we’ve found, although you can check the list of all NextRadio compatible mobile phones to see if your mobile phone is compatible. Needless to say, we just need to remind you that FM radio is very important, but it’s something that will be in the past in a very short time.

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