LEAGOO T5c – a new medium-range killer phone

Leagoo T5c

LEAGOO T5c , since the launch of its smartphones S8 and S8 Pro in 18: 9, LEAGOO does not stop and continues to launch new products. According to the latest source, LEAGOO’s new product is called “LEAGOO T5c” – an economical version of the previously launched LEAGOO T5. The T5c inherits the all-metal unibody design and designs of the T5 and is more affordable than its predecessor!

This LEAGOO T5c is supposed to be equipped with a 8-core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz but no indication appeared as to the model and brand of the CPU. We will bet on a MediaTek. A SAMSUNG dual rear camera of 13MP + OV 2MP and SHARP FHD IPS 5.5 inch screen. It has a storage of 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, which is a small step back from the T5. This new device still has a large battery, a LG 3000mAh with a fast charge of 5V2A. And a fingerprint sensor expected for its practical use.

As a mid-range smartphone, LEAGOO T5c at a very interesting price for its promises in terms of performance and specifications. The manufacturer’s phrase as I received it “You will rarely find a problem with its design or specifications. Once again, I will not say anything about the commercials. The retail price of T5c is estimated at $ 129.99 about 110.69 €!

Personally for the price aligned and for the technical specifications announced, I find it very pretty and my curiosity is very catsy.


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