Snapchat prepares for big change

Social networks are showing a fairly clear symbiosis. Without going too far into who copied who who, it is undeniable that Snapchat laid some foundations that were followed by others like Instagram.

A few weeks ago we met Google Stamp, which is an alternative to Snapchat. The ghost’s social network was updated with the new Bitmoji 3D, so you can create step by step. Now comes news about a major change in the look of this application.

Snapchat will completely redesign the app for ease of use

It’s not that it’s a very complicated app to use, but there are those who find it a little messy, even those that are millennials. But this will stop being so with the great redesign that the company is carrying out.

The Android Central portal has echoed the words of Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc. As announced, the team is currently working on a new application design. And the reason for this is to eliminate the difficulty that some users have in using Snapchat.


It is Spiegel himself who makes reference to the numerous comments received from people who find this app not very intuitive compared to others. That’s why the company wants to demonstrate feedback and present a much easier to use interface.

However, according to Snapchat’s CEO, this redesign could even be detrimental to the company, he says. At least in the short term. But he also says it’s a risk that needed to be taken. And it seems like an intelligent strategy, especially considering the overwhelming progress of Instagram, its most direct rival.

If we look back and remember the beginnings of Snapchat, it was a much more basic application. It stood out for its ability to send messages that self-destruct. But over time, it has been implementing more and more, such as Stories, filters, map, and other features.

You’ll still have to be a little patient to see the big changes in the Snapchat application. Because its redesign is taking longer than expected. But it’s good news for the users of this social network, because it looks like it will be a change for the better. You think so?

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