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The Galaxy X interface has been leaked, do you want to see it?

Samsung Galaxy X filtraciones

After knowing that the Galaxy X would be a smartphone available in small quantities, we were all waiting to learn more about the folding mobile phone of the South Korean company. With so much information, we know that the mobile phone will be folded in and that it will also be ready for next year according to the latest data. But now, we can also see its interface, as it has been filtered completely.

Through a recent patent, it has been possible to reveal the possible appearance of Galaxy X when it is filed in 2018. The patent has been titled Electronic Device comprising multiple screen and method of controlling it. With this name, we can already get an idea of what the terminal interface will be. But to find out more about this new feature, some interesting screenshots have been presented.

Screenshots of the Galaxy X interface

Interfaz Galaxy X a
Interfaz Galaxy X b
Interfaz Galaxy X c
Interfaz Galaxy X d
Interfaz Galaxy X e

The information we can see on SamMobile lets us see that it’s a mobile phone with two separate panels, rather than an entire display panel. If so, we could see a Samsung smartphone similar to the Axon M ZTE (hereafter you can find the mobile information).

In addition, in the captures you can see different tools: we have a portrait mode and also a landscape mode. Also, filtered images ensure that it is possible to have apps and even a menu with recent tools on each screen. With these features we see an interface similar to the one seen in Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.

It is also important to note that this patent was filed by Samsung in 2016. And with a high time gap, it is quite likely that this smartphone will be introduced in 2018 with a look similar to the Galaxy S8 and also the Galaxy Note 8.

The wait continues

Samsung is saving the date of presentation of this device in a peculiar way. Not knowing the most important specifications of the mobile phone, we are adrift and waiting to learn more data. But, what we can validate is that it will be a terminal available in small quantities and the same will be one of the most sought after in 2018. What would you like Galaxy X to be like?

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