New Retro Childhood Mini TV Handheld Video Game with coupon for €14.61

If you’ve seen the original Entertainment System, you’ve basically seen the NES Classic Edition. The mini-console looks almost exactly like the gray and black box released three decades ago, albeit at a much smaller scale. The NES Classic is, in a word, tiny — it barely stretches beyond than the length of its own gamepad at its widest point, but it’s still faithful to the device that inspired it. The same horizontal grooves reach across the top of the console’s chassis, leading down to a pair of controller ports that are exactly where you remember them to be. To the left, you’ll find a familiar red LED, as well as power and reset buttons that look identical to their progenitors. Around the back are two more connections: a micro-USB port for power, and HDMI output.


Support video output to TV with AC cable; Suitable for amusement and recreation in family; There are 500 built-in classic games, which cannot be changed; Classic and reminiscent games would remind you the childhood and bring the joy and fun at that time to you; There are A and B buttons on the machine, which improves the playability for it requires player’s higher APM and operations.


Plug: EU, US, UK (optional); Voltage: 110-220V; Item size (game console): 12.8 * 10 * 4.5cm / 5.04 * 3.94 * 1.77in; Item weight (game console): 135g / 4.76oz; Package size: 18 * 13.5 * 7.2cm / 7.09 * 5.31 * 2.83in; Package weight: for US, EU: about 462g / 1.01lb; for UK: 483g / 1.06lb.

The NES Classic Edition is everything it promised to be – it’s a tiny version of most iconic home video-game system, complete with 30 fantastic games, excellent emulation and more than enough nostalgia to satisfy any adult who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s. Even so, it’s not perfect. Frustratingly short controller cables make it hard to use comfortably in a modern living space, and its non-expandable library means that you’re stuck with the collection of games it comes with. If your favorite NES game isn’t already on the console, you’re out of luck.

Now, show me a coupon: PT07


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