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Xiaomi and Oppo team up to create the alternative to Face ID

Face ID apple trabajo de Xiaomi Oppo

Before the iPhone X was introduced, we had already discussed related information about how Face ID works. For those days, we claimed that this was an unprecedented novelty and would be very difficult to clone. But what we didn’t expect was for two Chinese firms to join forces and technology to create an alternative to Apple’s 3D facial recognition for Android. The two protagonists are Xiaomi and Oppo.

Through the Gizmochina portal, Xiaomi and Oppo have been known to be working together with Qualcomm to design a 3D facial recognition technology similar to that seen on iPhone X. This has been said after it was also commented that Samsung was joining forces with Xiaomi to achieve the same idea. But now, more confirmed, Xiaomi, Oppo and Qualcomm are being singled out as the three firms leading the project that could be coming out next year.

The design of facial recognition technology for Android

Face ID Apple

Behind Xiaomi, Oppo and Qualcomm, we also find other companies that are joining the project to deliver good results. To be more specific, we are talking about Wonder Vision and Reliance Optoelectronics. In terms of functions, it has been said that Wonder Vision, together with Qualcomm, will provide the facial recognition technology. Reliance Optoelectronics will be the firm in charge of providing the sensor module.

Isolated from this project, it has also been said that Ophelia optical technology is developing a similar facial recognition system, so it is expected that in the coming months it will be another firm that will cooperate with the project as a whole.

Huawei: another Chinese firm working separately on this technology

We know the Chinese market is flooding the world. And we validate that when we see Xiaomi’s first physical store in Spain. Now, in order to increase the competition between Xiaomi and Huawei, it has been said that the latter firm is also working on developing 3D sensors for its next top-of-the-range models. But for this work, the company is supported by Sunny Optical Technologies.

It’s important to know that all of these companies are doing their bit to contribute to the development of a system similar to what we’ve seen on iPhone X. Thanks to this, next year we would be seeing new facial recognition technologies on several Android devices. What do you think about this news? We’ll wait for you in the comment box.

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