Xiaomi Mi Home Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

The daily ritual of brushing teeth can be made much easier with today’s technology. Progress also offers a more effective and thus easier cleaning. Why should we say no to this and stick to the manual toothbrush? With the Xiaomi Sonic toothbrush, we have tested for you a cheap and good model of the new sonic toothbrushes with magnetic levitation motor and raffle another one to you.

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Surely everyone has heard something about the sound technology for brushing teeth, it replaces the rotating brush heads and glides over our teeth with high-frequency and gentle vibrations. The cleaning performance should be many times greater than if we clean by hand. As a newcomer to this field, we have ventured into this subject and are now reporting.

Simple toothbrush with just one button – Xiaomi Sonic

The packaging of the toothbrush is as simple as the contents, because it is white and matt. Despite the low price, which we only reveal at the end, the product already makes a high quality impression. The descriptions on the box are unfortunately not legible for us, because they are written in Chinese. This is – and we’ve already told you so much before – and remains the only “catch”.

But anyone who has such an intuitive and simple product like this toothbrush in front of them does not need any instructions to use it. If everything is unpacked, the value of the products is confirmed again. The handpiece is cylindrical and fits well in the hand, the matt surface is very appealing to us at first glance. The scope of delivery is comprehensive and includes:

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  • Handpiece of the toothbrush
    A brush head
    The inductive charging station
    A travel attachment for the brush head
    Two coloured rings for individualisation

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The inductive charging station is supplied with an integrated USB cable and can be connected to a power bank or charged with the usual mains plug at the socket. The battery life of the built-in rechargeable battery is a strong achievement and amounts to a full 18 days with daily cleaning of four minutes! We were able to confirm this in the test. Our battery lasted a little shorter, but this was due to the fact that we regularly used it for a much longer period of time.

Stylish battery miracle with 31,000 vibrations per minute

The handpiece always lay well and safely in the hand. The back of the matte surface has a knobbed texture, so it can’t slip out of your hand even in the shower thanks to IPX7 Standard. Various LED elements are embedded in the handpiece and indicate the possible cleaning modes as well as the battery charge level. Here, too, we are satisfied with the workmanship, the LEDs look noble and are not tactile.


The uppermost symbol represents a circle, which lights up when the brush is switched on by pressing the rubberized button for the first time. The default mode is now set and cleaning can begin. First of all, we get an unusual feeling, the brush head moves very fast and it tickles a little bit. Without any doubt, a few days are needed to fully adapt to the new device and to have found a new cleaning routine.

Nevertheless, after the first brushing you can already notice a much cleaner feeling than after brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush – that immediately convinced us. The 31,000 vibrations per minute do their job well. The second mode offers a smoother brushing, with lighter vibrations and is ideal for sensitive gums. This is symbolized by a smaller circle in the LED bar.

xiaomi mijia ledxiaomi mijia ladestation

Integrated timer offers support

The third cleaning option is the individually adjustable mode via Bluetooth connection and smartphone app. This means that brushing can be raised to a further level, as the toothbrush has six high-performance sensors and can track the movements in the mouth. To do this, the toothbrush must be connected to the mobile phone. Under the Customization item, you can choose different settings. For example, the anti-spray mode in the first ten seconds when the brush is brought to the mouth. The duration can also be adjusted and a whitening mode can be selected. If you want to clean your teeth at the end of the two or two and a half minutes, you can also activate this function within the app.

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On the basis of this information, an individual cleaning program can then be created. This is then activated by pressing the handpiece again and the LED lamp with the heart symbol lights up. The integrated two-timer should help us to maintain the recommended cleaning time. It issues an intermediate message every 30 seconds by briefly switching it off and then on again. This signal can also be used to process the four areas of the jaw evenly. The anatomy of the brush head is also worth mentioning, the long shape of the brush head makes it easy to reach the rear teeth as well – another plus point.


Buy Xiaomi Mi Sonic at Gearbest.com for $27.99


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