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iPad Pro 2018 will have Face ID and iPhone X Camera

iPad Pro 2018 Prototipo

Apple devices always generate a lot of expectation, and sometimes polemic. The iPhone X has only been on sale in Spain for a few days now, and is proving to be a great success. This is Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display and facial recognition system.

Now, rumors have begun to circulate this week about what Apple’s next iPad Pro will look like, which will hit the market in 2018. And we already know some very interesting things.

iPad Pro 2018 Concepto

What will the new iPad Pro 2018 look like?

Let’s see the features of the tablet that Apple will release next year!

Screen without bevels and Face ID

It looks like iPad Pro 2018 will have a traditional LCD panel and not an OLED screen like the iPhone X. Thus, it seems rather unlikely that it has an islet like the latest phone from the American company.

As for Face ID, the iPad Pro 2018 is expected to incorporate this system. If this feature is confirmed, Apple would remove the classic Touch ID start button from the device, which it introduced in 2014. By removing this button from the tablet’s front panel, the tablet’s frames would probably be thinner, thus achieving a device with a much higher screen ratio.

Other benefits

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, said the previous month that Apple’s iPad Pro in 2018 will feature TrueDepth Camera. It is a complex camera system that also incorporates the iPhone X. That’s if the company that sued Apple for copying their camera doesn’t throw them the bar…

Almost certainly, Apple will be presenting several iPad Pro models in 2018. Among them, there will be at least one of them that will be 10.5-inch iPad Pro-like in size. All of them will arrive with the improved stylus and powerful note and drawing software. Plus, they’ll have a faster processor and a custom Apple GPU.

Apple tablets are very popular in today’s marketplace. In the third quarter of 2017, the U. S. company led the tablet industry with a market share of 25.8 percent, totaling 10.3 million units sold. What do you think about the benefits of iPad Pro 2018? Do you like them?

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