Elephone S9 – Chinese phone with flexible screen?

Flexible display Elephone phot. Elephone via Facebook

Chinese producers continue to be surprised. Elephone says it is about to present a smartphone with a flexible display.

The information about Elephone S9 – because that’s how you want to call it a new model – has appeared on the company’s Facebook profile. In addition to a short note, there is also a movie about displaying the possibilities of the display. The clip shows how much the working screen can bend…. But nothing has been shown to confirm that such a display will be in the Elephone S9.

The manufacturer writes that the Elephone S9 will receive a flexible AMOLED display, but the smartphone does not look as if it were to be a folding device. I rather prefer that it will simply be a matrix which, although bendable, is not to such an extent as to allow a folding mobile phone to be built. Rather, I expect something like LG G Flex a few years ago – with a slightly bent screen, which was characterised by a fairly high resistance to mechanical damage.

Unfortunately, no other details have been given about the new smartphone – it is only clear that, apart from the flexible AMOLED, the Snapdragon 660 processor will receive it, but the name seems to suggest that the new Elephone should appear at about the same time as the Samsung flager. The producer of course encourages you to follow his profile, and I can’t get rid of the impression that the whole presentation had just such a goal – to arouse interest. The feeling tells me that the final product may turn out to be more “ordinary”than it seems today.

Elephone S9 with wireless charging & flexible display

Elephone S9 Smartphone Red

Technical specifications

Display 5.99 inch AMOLED Infinity Display  (2160 x 1080p)
CPU Snapdragon 660, 4 x 2.2 GHz, 4 x 1.8 GHz
GPU  Mali T880
ROM 128 GB
Main camera 21 MP
Front camera 8 MP
Battery pack 4,000 mAh
Connectivity LTE Volume 20 , 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS
Features Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type C, Qi Charge, NFC,
OS Android 8.0
Release January 2018

Samsung clone par excellence

The Elephone S8 came on the market in the summer of 2017, but has to wait until the delivery something. Especially because of the used deca-core processor and the good screen resolution, it has done a lot of things right. Now Elephone introduces the successor, but basically stays true to the line. Like the naming, the design is strongly reminiscent of the current Samsung flagships. The top and bottom provide relatively thin screen edges, but they are still clearly visible. You can only talk about a borderless design on the two long sides of the phone. For here comes an infinity display is used , as in the Edge version of the South Korean original. The exact dimensions are not yet known, due to the 6 inch display However, the S9 should be a bit bigger.

Talking about the display: Here Elephone makes a small compromise. The built-in panel is an AMOLED, which therefore comes with a resolution of 2160 x 1080P. This is lower than its predecessor, which resolved at 2560 x 1440. The higher resolution probably had to give way either because of the, at the edge strongly bent 2.5D display. Or because of another highly interesting feature: a flexible display panel. Doogee recently hit big waves with a similar display design, even though this technology is not entirely new. And a flexible display does not mean directly a flexible smartphone – right?

Overall, this nestles well in the external appearance of the phone. The corners of the display, but also the housing are rounded and through the edge display are not found “right corners”. The back side confirms the impression and seems to want the noble back of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 to run out of rank. The fact that the design is very important here is also shown by the different colors. According to the online shops you can buy the smartphone apparently in red, blue, black, champagne and gray.

Hardware at flagship level

Since the new offshoot of the S-series will be the current flagship Elephone, corresponding hardware belongs to the interior. The manufacturer decides here for the Snapdragon 660 processor, which can be seen in the current Xiaomi Mi Note 3. This CPU belongs to the upper middle class and is very efficient due to the 14 nm production and supports features like Bluetooth 5.0. Four Kyro cores clock at 2.2 GHz and the other four still at 1.8 GHz. In addition you get generous 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of mass storage. This is so great that you may refrain from allowing an external memory expansion. Personally, I’m a fan of this CPU and think that Elephone has made a good choice here.

Elephone S9 Smartphone Red

Camera enthusiasts should not be neglected. Therefore, the manufacturer installed a total of three cameras, two on the back and one on the front. That’s one more than its predecessor. According to Elephones website one sets on a 21 megapixel resolution of the main camera. However, whether this consists of the two lenses or both lenses 21 megapixels, is still unknown. This finally says nothing about the quality of the camera, but sounds interesting. The front camera is equipped with 8 megapixels and luckily finds its place on the upper front – Mi Mix 2 sends greetings.

Features of the extra class

Although this sounds very solid so far, Elephone does not save on additional features. Another surprise is the operating system, because the Elephone S9 comes with pre-installed Android 8.0. This has so far been sown very rare especially with Chinese smartphones and comes at most in current top models of Google and HTC used. Another rare feature for a China smartphone is NFC , which is also integrated here. When it came to wireless charging , Elephone pioneered the P9000 and now has a new Qi capability. A suitable charging station like this one from RAV Power is very likely to be purchased additionally.

Elephone S9 smartphone comparison

Other connection options are also on board and cover all necessary standards. LTE Volume 20 is not a problem and you can connect to local networks using 802.11a / b / g / n / ac WiFi. Of course you do not have to do without GPS. Although the built-in processor allows Bluetooth 5.0, whether Elephone but so synonymous, remains to be seen. Presumably one equips the Elephone with a USB type-C connection and according to some sources, a headphone jack could be installed. Since there is no space for the fingerprint sensor on the front , it migrates to the back and comes under the dual lens camera to light.


While this year, some of the borderless smartphones more and more similar, the Elephone S9 is a refreshing change at the end of the year. That’s because the manufacturer seems to be doing everything right here and really impresses me. Android 8.0, wireless charging, the strong Snapdragon 660, NFC and, last but not least, the pliable Infinity AMOLED display prove that the price is going strong . You can not expect much more from a smartphone. The only problem I see in Elephone’s previous handling of updates. From you came some complaints that updates are missing. At this point, we hope the company will also improve and combine the strong in hardware with software updates.


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