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Chrome wars on successive types of irritating advertisements

Google announced in April that early next year, Chrome’s browser will be provided with a native blockade of advertising that did not conform to the standards developed by Coalition for Better Ads. Before this happens, however, the browser will receive further mechanisms that are supposed to block the particularly annoying practices of advertisers. The Chromium blog presents the novelties that will appear in this issue in the upcoming editions.

Chrome 64 is supposed to deal with redirecting users to a new, unwanted page, which is often triggered by content from an external provider. For example, floating frames are used for this purpose. Instead of redirecting immediately, Chrome 64 will only display a small information panel that it has been locked and will display more detailed information on request.

Already in the next Chrome version, number 65, redirections called up after interaction with the page will be blocked, for example, after clicking on the URL. This is a frequent scenario where after clicking the link, the desired page is pushed back to the background and the user watches the unwanted page displayed in the new tab.

Chrome will be able to cope with the most difficult types of advertising in January: transparent layers that just wait for a click or fake playback buttons that open new unwanted cards. Google has also prepared a tool for website administrators: on the Web Tools page you can check your website in an automated process. After verification, webmasters will have 30 days to adapt their content to the Google and CfBA standards.

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