Which Xiaomi mobile phones can be purchased on Amazon?

If you hadn’t heard, Xiaomi arrived in Spain yesterday. Thanks to this, their mobile phones are back on sale in Amazon, something we haven’t seen in years. However, from your entire catalog, which Xiaomi mobile phones are sold on Amazon?

Although yesterday at their event the Xiaomi boys told us that only Mi Mix 2 and Mi A1 would arrive in our country, finally there will be a few more who will accompany them. Specifically, there will be seven models of Xiaomi that will be sold in Spain, and we can buy them in the Amazon itself. You want to see what they are?

Which Xiaomi mobile phones are sold on Amazon?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The first (and most expensive) of Xiaomi’s catalogue in Spain is the Mi Mix 2, the company’s flagship. He doesn’t need presentations, and just watching him captivates us. With one of the best designs we’ve seen on a smartphone and some scandal specifications, it’s worth every 499 euros we’ll cost us.

Reviewing your specifications, we find ourselves with a fully-fledged range buffer. With the Snapdragon 835.6GB of internal RAM and 64GB of internal storage, there’s no work to resist. On this occasion we will not have a double camera, although the sensor that integrates the device, the IMX 386, has nothing to envy to the best cameras this year.

Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi has also brought the Mi6 to Spain, and it is available for 449 euros to buy in Amazon. As we can see, it exceeds the 400 euros barrier, but if we take into account all that it offers, we will see that it is a fairly fair price.

They may appear to have been exceeded in price, and we are accustomed to seeing it for around EUR 350. However, few high-end smartphones there are that we can find at this price with warranty in Spain. The Samsung Galaxy S8, among others, has not yet dropped below 500 euros, do you still think the Xiaomi Mi6 is expensive on Amazon?

Xiaomi Redmi 4A / Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Not only has Xiaomi brought high ranges to Spain. Their most affordable models are also in their catalogue in our country. Specifically, it is the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and 4X that we can buy right now at Amazon.

From the 99 euros for the Xiaomi Redmi 4A 16GB on Amazon to the 149 Euros for the 32GB version of the Redmi 4X, the low range is stocked with good devices at low prices. Few models today can offer us the same as these two phones, and they already have a 2-year warranty!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

One of the brand’s best-selling mobiles also arrives in Spain. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comes in two versions, 32GB and 64GB of memory. The most basic one can be found for 169 euros, while the version with the most storage is sold for 199 euros.

Redmi Note 4X

They come as an alternative to the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and 4X, increasing the screen size but without increasing the price too much. All of this, for less than 200 euros, is a figure hovering around the terminals of “competition”.

Xiaomi Mi A1

As it could not be otherwise, the catalogue of Xiaomi in Spain closes the Mi A1. The result of the collaboration of Google and Xiaomi for only 229 euros. A real bargain, and it can be compared to other more expensive models like the HTC U11 Life.

Basically the Xiaomi My A1 is identical to the Xiaomi My 5X, with the peculiarity that it has Android One. We have pure Android under the hood of this Xiaomi, and that makes it one of the most desirable midrange of the moment. Finally, it is now available on Amazon at 229 euros. Now that you know all the Xiaomi sold on Amazon, which one do you keep?


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