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NichePhone-S – A cell phone the size of a credit card

NichePhone S

Every day that passes we see mobile phones that are impressing us more and more or looking to be different. At this time, large-screen terminals are dominating the market, as you only need to look at devices like the Blackview S8, or the Gionee M7 Plus, to know that there is great quality in these phablets.

However, despite this trend, we find compact and small mobile phones; the NichePhone-S is one of them. We are talking about a device brought from Japan, so we can imagine that this is an experiment with good results.

NichePhone-S Features

Without a doubt, what stands out the most from the device are its dimensions, since it comes with a thickness of only 6.5 mm. Its size is similar to a credit card. These dimensions are perfect for anyone who wants to buy a super lightweight and easy to use mobile phone. Its weight of 38 grams is another plus that stands out and cannot be left behind.

As for mobile phone specifications, here’s the most important thing about it:

  • Works with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It’s not Nougat or Marshmallow, but being a mobile phone with these dimensions we can’t ask for much.
  • It has an engine of the firm MediaTek which, in these times, is one of the best companies.
  • Its battery is 550 mAh. There’s no fast charging and no wireless either, but I’m sure you could end the day with some autonomy.
  • As far as the connections are concerned, we have 3G, 4G and Bluetooth.

This is what we have learned from the mobile phone manufactured in the eastern continent. In addition to the above, the price of the terminal has also been disclosed, which is approximately $88 dollars, about 76 euros at the current exchange rate. What has not been said is whether the device will be available in other regions outside Japan.

Even if it is not a mobile phone with large-calibre specifications, it is worth mentioning that NichePhone-S is a product that comes with the size of a credit card. This makes it ergonomic and easy to carry anywhere. So why not see him as a little giant?

Would you buy this cell phone? It is very useful for the one who needs a second number and you don’t want a huge mobile phone, can go in the wallet without problem.

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