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Huawei is working on Huawei Enjoy 7S with double rear camera

Misterioso Huawei Filtrado(1)

In the last few hours a mysterious Huawei phone has appeared on the TEENA website. Although the name of the device in question is not known at the moment, we can tell you that the model number is FIG-AL00.

Along with the model number there are no phone features, so we can not advance any of its features. However, there are four images of the same one, from the front, rear panel and sides. So, if you look at them, we can preview some features of this mysterious Huawei phone.

What will Huawei’s mysterious phone look like?

Almost certainly the screen will have an 18:9 aspect ratio. The side bezels on the front panel are very narrow, although this all-screen effect is not achieved. The lower and upper frames are slightly wider; in the lower one we can see the engraved Huawei logo.

The big surprise comes with the back panel. At the top of the new Huawei phone, we can see two sensors that correspond to a double rear camera, together with an LED flash. In addition, we can also see the fingerprint sensor.

Frameless phones have made it necessary for manufacturers to place this sensor on the back of phones; it’s not a very comfortable system for users, but at the moment it’s the one there is. We’ve already told you that the Galaxy Note 9 will have a fingerprint sensor under the screen. Maybe it’s the first phone to incorporate this system.

We won’t see it in Europe and America

One detail to keep in mind with the model number of this mysterious phone is that those devices that end up with AL00 do not launch out of China. Therefore, it is unlikely that the phone will launch beyond the borders of the Asian country.

Although nothing is confirmed, this smartphone could come with the name Huawei Enjoy 7S. In addition, we have learned that you have already received 3C certification in China, suggesting that your arrival is near. Everything seems to indicate that it will arrive during this month of November or next December.

Via | Gizmochina

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