Get perfect selfies with the Leagoo KIICAA MIX

One of the big problems with full-screen phones in the front is the difficulty of making selfies. The location of the front camera, in an unusual location.  Leagoo has made a video for the KIICAA MIX that teaches us how to solve this problem. Simply put, for spectacular results.

Phones in which the front panel is a full screen are very fashionable. All major manufacturers have at least one such model. Who doesn’t like to have a mobile phone in which the screen occupies almost 90% of the front panel? Not only are they usually smaller (given that they make much better use of the available space), but they are also lighter than the traditional 5.5-inch screen models.

However, all of these mobile phones have a small drawback when it comes to making selfies. This inconvenience is due to the unusual location of the phone’s front camera. Since there is no space at the top of the mobile phone, as this space is now occupied by the screen, manufacturers have been forced to reposition the camera in the only free space they have left inside the phone frame: the bottom.

Leagoo has found the perfect solution for your KIICAA MIX

For all these users who are lost when it comes to making selfies, Leagoo has released a video with his famous KIICAA MIX mobile phone.

The solution is as simple as turning the screen 180º vertically. So the camera that was down before, now takes its most common place, which is at the top.

Because, generally, simple solutions are usually the ones that best adapt to our problems.

The Leagoo KIICAA MIX has become a benchmark in the mobile phone sector at full screen. Thanks to its 5.5-inch front panel with Full HD resolution manufactured by Sharp, which occupies 90% of the front. Just remember the excellent quality of the screens produced by this manufacturer.

But not all the appeal of this mobile phone is reduced to its beautiful screen. Because we should not forget that inside it beats an octacore processor Mediatek MTK6750T at 1.5 GHz frequency. Plus 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage memory. All this driven by a superb 3,000 mAh battery of capacity manufactured by LG. This is always a guarantee of quality.

Buy LEAGOO KIICAA MIX at just for $106.99

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