Apple could have stolen the patent on his double camera

Doble camara iPhone 8 Plus

Whatever you think of the iPhone 8 Plus camera or the iPhone 7 Plus camera, you should know that it’s not only a very decent double camera, it’s not without controversy. A few days ago the iPhone X was the second position in DxOMark and as easy as it may seem, it is practically impossible today.

Now, an Israeli company called Corephotonics has sued Apple for infringing patents on its camera technology in both terminals. What’s more, the iPhone X camera may also have infringed the patents of this startup.

Core Photonics demanda Apple

What has happened?

The funny thing about it is that Corephotonics has issued several patents for double cameras prematurely and Apple may have copied some things. The worst of all is that Apple also has some double-chamber patents and it should be shown that the company has not been able to design these cameras independently.

Some sources claim that Apple is aware of this issue and that the company is very calm, as winning a trial like this could take years and millions of dollars that this startup may not have.

It’s very difficult to know who is right in this story because the dual camera of the iPhone has its own patent, as we told you. Negotiations will take a long time and Corephotonics has been in the dual camera industry longer than Apple, designing concepts like optical zoom and more.

Although the brand may not sound too familiar, you should know that this company has worked with the big names in the industry such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics and OmniVision. Apple cannot ignore this lawsuit as such and must make every effort to find a solution before it is sentenced to pay millions of dollars if this small startup is right.

Unfortunately, nowadays we see how many big companies copy smaller ones and destroy them without taking any kind of deserved, just see how Facebook buried Snapchat by completely copying the stories and creating a clone inside Instagram.

Via | Reuters


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