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Galaxy S9 specifications include a rear fingerprint reader

Galaxy S9 empieza produccion

It seems that we can finally confirm one of our suspicions, the Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t have the fingerprint sensor on the screen. To make this unofficial “confirmation” we have to rely on the latest reports from some Korean websites. Samsung seems to have aborted plans to mount a fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S9 screen and everything has been extracted from the specifications of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Samsung cancela lector huellas pantalla s9

It is not easy to integrate the fingerprint reader into the screen

It seems that finally both confirmed signature models will have a fingerprint reader on the back, although this time it is possible that their position has been changed to avoid touching the camera when unlocking the phone.

The position of the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S8 is still not optimal and although the user gets used to it, it is not at all comfortable. Mass production of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ could start in December and the company must have the definitive specification list.

What specifications will Galaxy S9 have?

Although we have talked about the future Galaxy S9 on many occasions this year, there is not much to report. Perhaps the biggest might be the inclusion of a double lens camera in the large-sized model, the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung has been trying for months to have optimal technology to integrate a fingerprint sensor under the screen but it seems that some technical problems have complicated it and with the improvement of facial recognition it would be possible to solve this deficiency. The arrival of the Infinity Display panels has been a breakthrough for the size of smartphone screens, but it has been a big problem for fingerprint readers at the front of the terminal.

Samsung won’t remove the fingerprint reader

Apple has removed Touch ID on the iPhone X but Samsung will not do this for a simple reason, thousands of services depend on this technology. Removing the fingerprint reader on an Android would be suicide and a huge backtracking preventing you from using your fingerprint to buy apps, check your bank account, etc.

Samsung seems to be trying his luck again in the development of Crown, the prototype of the Galaxy Note 9. This could be the first Galaxy to have an integrated fingerprint reader on its screen. Will Galaxy SX or Galaxy 10 be the first Galaxy S to carry it?

Via | The Investor

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