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Do you know how much it costs Apple to make the iPhone X?

It’s no secret that smartphones are much cheaper than what they mark in stores. Naturally, each manufacturer is looking to make the most profit. Apple is one of the most common examples in this area, because its expensive phones have low manufacturing costs. However, it seems that the iPhone X is not only the firm’s first all-screen model, but it is also quite different in cost compared to its companion iPhone 8.

How much it costs to make iPhone X

This iPhone represents a major leap in Apple’s catalog, because its design breaks with everything it has released to date. Premieres the 5.8-inch, rounded-edged OLED Super Retina panel. It is the first to dispense with the iconic Home button, and assembles Apple’s first chip, the A11 Bionic, with neural motor. It is also the first time we see an apple mobile compatible with fast charging.

The iPhone X is the smartphone with which the company has wanted to innovate compared to the rest of its models. It is one of the most expensive on the market today, with a price of 1,159 euros for the 64 GB version, a figure that grows to 1,329 euros for the 256 GB version.

Descargar fondos de pantalla del iPhone X

According to Reuters, an analysis by TechInsights estimates that manufacturing the iPhone X costs Apple $375.50 (€324 per change) to manufacture the iPhone X. This amount does not take into account other expenses such as shipping and marketing, for example. This means that iPhone X parts are 25% more expensive than iPhone 8 parts, which cost $699 (603 euros) to manufacture.

In other words, the iPhone 8 provides the company with a gross margin of 59%, while the iPhone X is 64%. Looking at these figures, it is clear that the iPhone’s tenth anniversary phone is very profitable for Apple. But it is also clear that Tim Cook’s firm has no regard for astronomical pricing. Though, of course, he can boast about having hordes of fans willing to pay for anything.

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