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Xiaomi will launch its first rugged phone in 2018

Xiaomi Rugged Phone

Xiaomi has been turning over IP-certified smartphones for some time now. While its main competitors have waterproof smartphones, the Chinese brand has a flagship in the market that is only splash-proof.

The insiders from different Chinese companies claim that Xiaomi is already working on what would be their first rugged smartphone. Of course, Xiaomi’s resistant phone could be very different from what you’re thinking, nothing like the beastly launches like CAT or Nomu.

Primer telefono resistente Xiaomi

A rugged phone with high IP protection

The leaked texts reveal that Xiaomi could be preparing a smartphone with resistance to water, dust and shock thanks to a highly durable chassis. We have prepared some crazy images but we think that Xiaomi could opt for a slightly different release, very similar to what LG did this year.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said some time ago that waterproof phones lose waterproof protection as the smartphone deteriorates and this protection raises manufacturing costs. Will Xiaomi fans be willing to pay 20 or 30% for having a smartphone with this resistance?

Xiaomi said more than a year ago that launching a rugged smartphone would mean increasing the price of manufacturing and sales but seeing the margin that the company has against other competitors and seeing how the figures are going this 2017 as much as possible in 2018 will be animated in 2018.

LG, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Motorola, etc. All of them have one thing in common, a waterproof smartphone. Some enjoy IP67 protection and others IP68 protection (the right one for your mobile phone to withstand diving).

One of the few differences of the Mi 6 with high ranges like Samsung or Apple is the water resistance, maybe that’s why Xiaomi should consider improving the Mi series or Mi Mix series with this feature. If you missed the review of the Mi 6 here it is. Most likely, Xiaomi’s first rugged phone will be released in mid-2018 and that would mean it is already in the making.

Will the Mi 7 be the firm’s first rugged smartphone?

Xiaomi Mi7

There is speculation that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will be released in the first quarter of 2018 and will do so with a large 6-inch borderless display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and even wireless charging. Will this be the rugged smartphone?

We believe that the resistance will not be like the beast as in pure rugged but rather a strategy like the LG with the LG G6, to launch a fall resistant mobile phone with IP68 quality protection. We will follow the brand closely because this innovation matters to us and much more.

Via | GizmoChina

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