OnePlus 5T release date confirmed

lanzamiento oneplus 5t

One of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of the moment is the OnePlus 5T. That’s why we’re bringing you succulent news today, as the release of OnePlus 5T has been confirmed for November 16th.

If you’ve been waiting a long time to buy the new OnePlus 5T, now you know when it will be released. In his day, we told you about his specifications and the truth is that we are looking at a spectacular top of the range. We have also known that its price could be significantly lower than most of the range stops that circulate on the market. There are many incentives to add it to the cart.

OnePlus 5T Release Date

If a few weeks ago we weren’t sure if the OnePlus 5T was real, we now know all about it. We know practically everything about this flagship company, although one of the most important aspects is knowing when it will be launched. And that’s the news we’re bringing you today.

It has been announced on the company’s official website. You can see that we will have an event and the OnePlus 5T will be presented on November 16th in New York. A few days ago they filtered it on Twitter through this image and today they have confirmed it.

In just one week we will know absolutely everything about the new top of the company’s range. A smartphone ready to stand up to anyone and this time it’s going to go for it. Not only do we expect good cameras, big screen, good processor or battery, but also a great design with the trend without frames or bezels.

When will the OnePlus 5T go on sale?

What is clear is that we cannot confuse the launch date with the date of sale on the market. On November 16th, they will officially present it. But the OnePlus 5T can be purchased on November 21 from 09:00 a. m. ET. So you know, if you want to buy it, the best thing is that you’re on the lookout for it because it might wear out.

You can make the purchase in its day from the official website. If you have any questions, we will tell you as soon as you are ready to buy. What do you think of the OnePlus 5T? Would you buy it for yourself?

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