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iPhone X does not outperform Pixel 2 on camera

iPhone X camara DxOMark

This year Apple has celebrated the 10th anniversary of its iconic phone. He might have opted to give smartphones to his fans, but instead preferred to launch the iPhone X, which will go down in history as his first full-screen model.

The design of this terminal is groundbreaking considering that the rest of the catalogue of the Cupertino firm cannot boast of major changes in the designs. Apart from its OLED display that occupies the entire front (except for this “annoying” black strip), the iPhone X has a dual camera that Apple is proud of. Want to know what the score is in DxOMark?

The iPhone X camera in DxOMark

Many manufacturers take advantage of the scores obtained in DxOMark or AnTuTu to announce the virtues of their devices. As long as they get good grades. For example, in the presentation of its new phones, Google boasted of beating the record in DxOMark with 98 points of the Pixel 2.

In September, this team of photography specialists did not hesitate to say that the best camera is the iPhone 8 Plus. He scored 96 points in photography and 89 points in video, with a total score of 94. But soon afterwards we found out that the Galaxy Note 8 has a better camera than the iPhone 8 Plus, with the same overall score but scoring 100 points in photography.

The iPhone X Rating

Now comes the results that the iPhone X has achieved. In the photography category, no less than 101 points, while in video it stands at 89 points. So, the total DxOMark gives you is 97 points, so you win against iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8. Not bad at all, but he can’t beat Google Pixel 2.

iPhone X puntuacion DxOMark

Reviewing the dual camera features of the iPhone X, it features a 12 MP wide-angle sensor and a 12 MP telephoto sensor. The first has a focal aperture of f/1.8 and the second has a focal aperture of f/2.4. This dual camera features OIS, touch-focus PDAF and four true-tone LEDs flash with slow sync mode.

Of course, it features the famous Portrait Mode, which now integrates lighting. As far as video is concerned, it’s the first one to record in 4K at 60fps. The front camera is 7 MP with f/2.2 aperture, face detection and Portrait Mode. You can see all the analysis on the DxOMark website.

iPhone X DxOMark

This assessment can serve as a guide, but we cannot be guided by it either. In fact, DxOMark is not 100% reliable and there are users who don’t fully trust their scores. On the other hand, it is also true that DxOMark is committed to better evaluating the performance of dual cameras.

In any case, the photographic section is one of the strong points of iPhone. Not in vain, these are high-end smartphones, and expensive ones. What do you think about iPhone X?

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