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The Pixel 2 camera isn’t better because Google doesn’t want to.

Google Pixel 2 gesto para la camara

This year has been very close in terms of the photographic sections of smartphones. While it seems like the best thing in the world is dual cameras, Google is going upstream with the Pixel 2 camera.

The new Made by Google devices boast incredible images with their unique 12 MP sensor. However, with the help of HDR+ and Dual Pixel technology, among other features that improve results. But that’s not all, because it could be even better. You want to know how?

Google would activate the Pixel 2 camera with this gesture

It’s true that Google Pixel 2 software could offer a higher quality experience, as we found in other high-end software. But it is also true that there are software and hardware details that are very convenient to use. For example, being able to slide the notification bar when touching the fingerprint sensor.

Google Pixel 2 y Pixel 2 Xl precios

There are other examples, but one that has not even come to mind is powerfully striking. This is a gesture for the camera that Google was working on. As revealed in XDA, Mountain View’s giant made tests to implement a new gesture in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to activate the camera when lifting the device.

With this feature, you can start the camera when your phone is locked, in a similar way to the iPhone’s “Lift to Activate” feature. No doubt, something that would be very useful on Google’s new smartphones. Although the company had in its roadmap to implement this gesture for the camera in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and even created a video demonstration.

However, he finally did not. The reasons given for the above-mentioned media refer to the fact that specific hardware is required for its operation. It could also be that Google simply didn’t have the time to implement this gesture and preferred to move on from it rather than launch it and make mistakes.

Pixel 2 XL camara

An intelligent strategy, he was able to boast of camera presentation, even announcing that they were breaking the record at DxOMark with 98 points. In any case, if the Pixel 2 could activate their powerful camera with just one gesture, they would be more attractive. But even so, they are still a strong bet in the photographic section.

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