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Will there be an Xiaomi Mi 6C with its own processor?

Xiaomi Mi 6 C posible

Xiaomi is making herself beg this year. As we wait for the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus, the Chinese brand has already presented many things and last week has announced yet another novelty, the new Redmi Y1 smartphones focused on selfies.

Now, what about the full screen version of the Xiaomi Mi 6? Earlier this year, Xiaomi launched a beta phone, the Xiaomi Mi 5C. This phone had as its main attraction the Mi series but made use of its own processor and high-end design. Unfortunately, he did not succeed because he didn’t launch himself into the market with much enthusiasm.

Surge S2 Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi 6c: with home processor

If all the rumors are true and what is said in GizmoChina right, Xiaomi could be creating a new smartphone that would be released in early 2018, the new Xiaomi Mi 6C.

To avoid leaving behind the customs, something Xiaomi knows a lot about, the Mi 6c could be the first to mount the Surge S2, the second processor manufactured entirely by the Chinese company.

At the moment it is not yet known what the Surge S2 will be like but some reports affirm that the Surge S2 has been mass produced during Q3 this year. Some websites talk about 10 nm (like the Snapdragon 835) and others refer to 16 nm (like the Snapdragon 652), something more believable.

This new Surge S2 could mount 4 Cortex A73 cores at 2.2 GHz and 4 Cortex A53 cores at 1.8 GHz. It seems a little premature to us that Xiaomi has the capacity to launch a 10 nm processor and, in fact, the Surge S1 did not deliver the performance that the market expected, being well below Qualcomm’s midrange.

What would Mi 6C look like?

Not to mention that this is based on rumors and leaks, it seems that the Mi 6C or Mi 6X (less likely) would mount a 5.65-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The mobile phone could be released with a design that is slightly different from the Mi 6 (occupying a larger screen surface) but with the same camera configuration as the Mi A1 and the Mi 6.

The mobile phone would reach the market with a rear fingerprint reader and a price of about 406 dollars, about 400 euros per change (dollar – real euro). Do you think there’s any truth to all this? It seems to us to be a rather mature idea and one that has traces of being real.

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