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Samsung will build the first prototype Galaxy Note 9 in 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumores

Samsung seems to have a codename for its 2018 star project, the next Galaxy Note. Samsung Electronics could have already started the development of the Galaxy Note 9 and this will be codenamed “crown”, according to the latest reports. Crown means crown.

An official store called The Bell has commented that it will begin shipping components for the construction of the first prototype of the Galaxy Note 9 in the first quarter of 2018. This does not mean that the development has not started, it is possible that in Samsung R&D they are already preparing the first sketches of the mobile phone.

Galaxy Note 8 sucesor

Crown, what do you mean?

It is very common for mobile phone manufacturers to use codenames which, in part, represent the essence of their launches. If we go back in the past we will see that the Galaxy Note 8 had as its codename “baikal”, one of the largest lakes in Russia.

Baikal’s symbolism with the Galaxy Note 8 refers to the large screen that would integrate the Note series, the largest to date. The next Galaxy Note 9 also seems to have a clear symbolism, creating the best Note phone in history, improving Note 8. A phone that recently got a very interesting business version.

Samsung has boosted sales of large mobile phones. In 2011, the Korean company launched the first Galaxy Note and a few years later it has already launched the spectacular Galaxy Note 8 with a 6.32 inch QHD screen.

In 2018, Galaxy Note 9 is expected to maintain a screen size similar to that of Galaxy Note 8 in 2018, but unlike Galaxy Note 8, it will improve the location of the fingerprint sensor and integrate the most anticipated novelties of the moment. Most likely, you’ll be riding the new Exynos and a Snapdragon 845 in some regions.

When could Galaxy Note 9 be released?

Although it is still too early to see if there will be any delays or overtaking, it is hoped that Galaxy Note 9 can be submitted in August 2018, one year after the release of Galaxy Note 8.

It doesn’t make much sense to overtake the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 if Samsung expects to present the Galaxy X, its first folding smartphone, that same year. What do you think Samsung will do in 2018, will it live up to what the market demands or will it shit again with such small batteries?

Via | The Investor

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