FuriBee H9R 4K Action Camera Review

Today we are talking about a very special action room, the Furibee H9R 4K, one of the cheapest 4K action cams currently on the market. But how cheap is it? Is it worthwhile to buy a camera at such a low price? Let’s discover it together in this article, unboxing, photos and details of the FuriBee H9R 4K specification.

The 170º (FOV) recording angle, which is quite common in mid-high end cameras, is less common in the economic range. The shooting range of the Furibee H9R 4K ranges from 12 cm to infinity. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, it also has a microSD slot up to 64GB and the 1050mAh battery is interchangeable.

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Inside the FuriBee H9R package we find, in addition to a series of accessories (backpack holder, handlebar bracket, remote control…) and the necessary accessories to connect and load the action cam, also a case that waterproof to water up to 30 meters:


From a design point of view, we find nothing different from the many Chinese action cameras: plastic with a rubber strip on the sides to improve grip and increase impact resistance.

The dimensions are mini – 7x8x8x8 cm, so much so that it sits in the palm of the hand:

On the back, we have a 2-inch LCD screen with 320 x 240 pixel resolution that allows you to control the recording angle, access settings and control your photos and videos.

Above, we have an LED indicator and the shutter release button – big enough to find it even underwater without any problems. On the front, power and lens button and on the right side the navigation buttons:


The Furibee H9R action camera can record at 4K resolution at 25 frames per second; the other video modes available are

  • 1080P (30fps)
    1080p (60fps)
    2.7K (30fps)
    4K (25fps)
    720P (120fps)
    720P (60fps)

Obviously, at this price, we will not have a 4K action room at 30 and 60 fps. Although many might argue that it is not a “true 4K”, video recording performance is good. It may have been because we had low expectations, but we were certainly pleasantly surprised.

Furibee H9R 4K has a wide angle of 170 degrees. But remember that the wider the angle, the greater the distortion. Honestly, without EIS or OIS or autofocus, this action cam is not the best when it comes to recording fast moving sports videos. Among the things to note: the audio recorded with the microphone is low and there is no night vision mode.


As for the photo mode, the 12-megapixel camera does great photos, but performance drops as the brightness decreases.
In addition, it takes some time for the camera to adapt to changes in light intensity.

Available modes are available:

  • Image mode
    Recording modes
    Camera timer (0.5-60 seconds)
    Burst Mode (5 – 10 images per second)
    Loop Mode

Connectivity and Battery

The action camera Furibee H9R comes with WiFi connectivity that lets you share pictures and videos directly on your smartphone. Wi-Fi also works with a 2.4G remote control that is operating within 10 meters. As for the ports, we have the Micro-USB charging port, Micro HDMI and an SD slot on the left side. The battery takes at least 2 hours for full charge and lasts about an hour at 1080p 60fps, even less than 4k 25fps.

Now, You can buy the Furibee H9R 4K Ultra HD Action Camera at Gearbest.com for $37.99.


Finally, the Furibee H9R 4K is ideal for cycling, skiing, diving, underwater photos and videos and so on. It's not perfect, but it's one of the best Chinese 4K action cams at less than 40 euros. In short, if you're looking for a real 4K experience, you probably have to spend more.

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