Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle Review

Recently, I got a smart kettle: Xiaomi Mijia Electric Water Kettle. This is the third product after Xiaomi Mi cooker and Xiaomi Mi lamp. It has the functions of fast boiling, temperature control. The price is $29.99 use coupon XMEWK at GearBest.com. Is it worth buying? Just look at my review.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle at Gearbest.com for $29.99 use coupon XMEWK


Simple appearance

In terms of design, this kettle still continues Xiami’s minimalist style. Its shell uses a pure white food grade PP material, compared to other brands of electric kettle which use of stainless steel liner as a shell, Mijia Kettle added a layer of plastic cover, and between the liner and the shell also with a partition Thermal layer, so the insulation performance is very good, effectively prevent hot.

The top of the case is exposed with a polished stainless steel “trim strip” on the top of the case, which is actually an extension of the inner liner. This design is actually very ingenious. With the metallic embellishment, the electric kettle will not appear too monotonous.

Although the white kettle body can be very good with a variety of home improvement style, but after all, electric kettle may be more frequently used appliances, so I guess it is easy to dirty.

Kettle top lid with two-stage with damping design, press the button lid will slowly open to 45 degrees, effectively prevent the splash of water droplets. Manually open the lid to 80 degrees for easy cleaning.

Xiaomi kettle with a food-grade 304 stainless steel liner, a capacity of 1.5L, with a wide mouth straight-wall design, very easy to clean. The bottom of the liner is also equipped with a temperature sensor, which has the function of automatic power-off when dry. When it detects water-dry, it will be automatically powered off to prevent the accident caused by overheating.

The bottom of the handle with two touch keys, can control the electric kettle to boil or keep constant temperature. Xiaomi Mijia Kettle can maintain a precise temperature of 12 hours. Constant temperature can also be adjusted by APP. Its touch-sensitive buttons are designed to provide good waterproofing compared to other mechanical buttons.

Xiaomi kettles are used in the same way as other common kettles, all working in a “pedestal” connection. The bottom of the heating seat design power cord storage, you can adjust the length of the wire according to the actual situation. However, the base of the power line is very short, sometimes too far from the power outlet, you have to plug the wiring board.

In terms of heating, Xiaomi Kettle 1800W built-in high-power energy-gathering heating ring. Xiaomi officials said it only takes 5 minutes to get started. After the actual test, indeed, this electric kettle heating very fast, but in the heating process the electric kettle noise is still quite large.

Smart APP

The following is the key part: The most powerful Xiaomi smart electric kettle is that it can set the electric kettle insulation temperature by mobile App, can be customized 40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius range, but also set the holding time, the longest 12 hours, and can also set the first boiling and then down to the holding temperature, or directly heated to the holding temperature.

Insulation control is a very user-friendly features, through which users can meet the tea, warm milk, coffee and other different needs. For example, I like to use it to drink green tea, lol, I just love it so much!

Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle Main Features:
• Triple security protection: Prevent electric shock, no electric leakage and auto power off.
• Constant temperature control time can be up to 12hrs.
• Double 304 stainless steel inner layer, heat insulation design gives more safe protection.
• 360 degree swivel power base provides durable use and convenience.

Price and Where to buy Xiaomi Kettle

Now, The Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle just for $29.99 at Gearbest.com, use coupon XMEWK

And, 1.5L Original Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle – 1.5L for $42.99



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