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AJAZZ AK60 Review: A Blue Switch RGB backlit Mechanical Gaming keyboard

Thanks for Lightinthebox.com which is a popular Online Shop in the World providing me an Ajazz AK60 halo RGB backlit mechanical keyboard. From this keyboard, I saw the enthusiasm of Ajazz company, and saw the progress of Ajazz. Ajazz AK60 mechanical keyboard uses a new design concept, thick replaceable metal top cover design, individual dual-mode roller design also for this keyboard add a lot points; Ajazz AK60 uses flip axis + side engraved transparent cap, with RGB lights, the feeling is very beautiful, it is currently available on the first side engraved RGB backlit mechanical keyboard. Now I’m going to do a detailed review for Ajazz AK60.

Packaging accessories

Ajazz AK60 mechanical keyboard is packed with double cartons, and the outer layer is made of kraft paper boxes. There are simple product names and notes on it. The parameters of the products are described in the lower left corner.

The inner packing material is all black carton, and the right lower and front right sides have golden red Ajazz Logo.

The internal packaging uses two pieces of black sponge fixed keyboard, relatively simple, but the protection effect is still very good, the keyboard is packed by foam bags, the bag is also printed with Ajazz LOGO.

Ajazz AK60 mechanical keyboard accessories are manuals, quality assurance cards, mechanical keyboard routine maintenance guide, steel wire pull key device, accessories are relatively complete.

Overall appearance

Ajazz AK60 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard using a new design, compared to the current mechanical keyboard on the market shape, look at AK60, will give people a fresh feeling. Ajazz AK60 specifications for 458 x 154 x 40mm, relatively wide, weighing about 1300g, the keyboard cover panel for Aluminum Alloy anodic oxidation coloring, a titanium color feeling, with black side simple moment cap, overall very good.

Ajazz AK60 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard is a strong sense of design works. Another highlight is the roller at the top right corner of the keyboard, very eye-catching, if not, it will feel monotonous.

The bottom design of Ajazz AK60 keyboard is smooth, using black plastic material, the surface is matte texture, four angle distribution 4 feet paste; keyboard center has a huge Ajazz logo.


One of the Ajazz AK60 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard highlight is its metal cover, using Aluminum Alloy panel thick, after the surface anode oxidation process design, two fresh color, surface with matte texture delicate, comfortable feel. The four corners of the metal panel arc designed, polished and rounded. In the bottom right corner of the keyboard there is an English logo of “FIRST BLOOD”.

From the side view, the keyboard has a certain gradient, it is fully ergonomic design.

The second highlight of Ajazz AK60 mechanical keyboard is the multimedia knob on the top right corner of the keyboard. The knob is made of metal material, and the surface is fine matte texture. The edge is polished and sprayed with red bright paint, which is very eye-catching. The knob rotates with a slight scale and a sense of damping, which makes people want to spin from time to time. On the left side of the knob, five multimedia buttons are integrated, the keys are hard, and the sound is relatively large.

From the bottom of the keyboard, the metal upper cover of the keyboard is fixed on the bottom shell and extends out, and the bottom edge of the keyboard has a certain gradient.

The bottom adopts a section supporting foot, the supporting foot design is relatively wide, and has good fixing effect, and the top is provided with a strip of antiskid rubber paste.

Ajazz AK60 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard using black woven wire, wire length of about 1.8m, wire texture is good, hard to some. With interference and ring line with rational line, USB interface after gold plating processing.

Ajazz free to send a wire pull key, key puller effect and cherry, key puller is arranged above a black green axis and transparent cap.

Use experience

Ajazz AK60 mechanical keyboard third highlights is the use of the black side engraved backlight keyboard with flip cap, shaft design, front light, the current market is still relatively small, relatively common in customized mechanical keyboard.

Ajazz AK60 using ABS coated transparent cap, fine grinding, feels very comfortable, light effect is very good, but the biggest drawback is easy to oily.

Ajazz AK60 backlit mechanical keyboard with Blue Switch, the handle is similar to the cherry Blue Switch, paragraph sense clear, feedback quickly, in the shaft stability is also very good, no found any shaking problem. AK60 uses flip shaft body, light from a shaft front hit, with transparent cover and shaft side lens cap, will have a very good effect after power. The lighting part is made of RGB LED light and light through the transparent lamp post.

AK60 key by satellite shaft design, the shaft body with black purple and green axis, handle similar paragraph, but the shaft, the shaft body strength smaller, shorter key, click more quickly, so when I was in the big keyboard keys experience, did not feel dull, but just perfect, have to in optimization of keys, AK60 still do a lot of efforts.

In keyboard, full keyboard without blanking design.

AK60 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard driver interface design is very clear, the operation is relatively simple. On the top of the interface is the keyboard key arrangement, below is the three mode options, the middle is the lighting settings, the right is the return rate settings. The bottom is the macro edit and restore factory settings item.

There are 10 kinds of keyboard lighting patterns, which are very rich.

Keyboard macro editing interface is relatively easy to set up, it is easier to modify, but can not record the mouse button function.

Light color selection interface.

Lighting effect

Most of the lighting effects of Ajazz AK60 are more common, but the design of the side light effect is beautiful to the amazing.

Disassembly part

The main control uses four vs12l01a and one vsik05a, and uses them to do lighting control and data storage.

If you are interested in Ajazz AK60 Mechanical Gaming keyboard, just go to lightinthebox.com for $76.94, Using This coupon: AJAZZAK60


Ajazz AK60 is the flagship of the mechanical keyboard, regardless of design or quality are very good. The original side RGB backlight makes this mechanical keyboard have a very good backlight effect, with an anodized metal top cover, so that the keyboard has a very good appearance.The switch shaft is equipped with a customized Ajazz Blue Switch, with big keys in the key to optimize the purple switch. At present, the mechanical keyboard price of $85.49, I think it is a good choice.

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