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WhatsApp Cloned, False App Receives Over 1 Million Downloads

With recent updates from WhatsApp, including deleting sent messages, many people have been tasked to search for that version of the app on Google Play. When they enter the digital shopping store, they encounter applications that clone the same information as the real WhatsApp; here we have the developer’s name, rating, among other things. However, there’s a special feature that appears as Update WhatsApp Messenger. Unfortunately, this version is not the correct one. Did you download it by mistake?

Through the Reddit portal, a developer has been known to create a fake version of WhatsApp. This application has achieved so many features similar to the real app that it received more than 1 million downloads.

Affected by the fake version of WhatsApp: more than 1 million people

By using a Unicode blank, the creator of this release was able to make WhatsApp Inc. had been the developer. This, because it is hidden, does not allow users to verify this information to know if it is the legitimate tool.

In addition to the above, it has also been known that the developer of the fake version created this application to benefit from earning ad revenue. But added to this, it has been said that the person behind this release also had access to personal data of all users who downloaded the app.

And where’s Google Play protection?

Google Play

We had already mentioned that Google Play Protect was not safe. And now, another security breach has been opened for the gentlemen of the great G. This subject really captures everyone’s attention because of the particularity of the case, as Google is not usually fooled that easily.

Another data worth noting is the number of downloads this version had in a short time. There is no specific figure, but it is claimed that the number of downloads exceeds one million. In all these cases, it is better to be sure of what we want to download. And even more so now, that it has been said that the app has changed its name and continues to make its own in Play Store.

Taking the necessary precautions can protect us from bad times, provide information without knowing it and even filter important personal data. It is always best to look at the information we are observing 2 and 3 times, thus increasing our protection.

Did you download this fake app? Do not hesitate to share this information with others. This way, you can prevent other users from downloading the wrong version of WhatsApp.

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