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HTC’s plans for 2018: launch 5 or 6 phones to market

HTC Planes 2018

Things can’t get any better for HTC right now. The Chinese company has just launched HTC U11 Life and HTC U11+, a lower and upper version of HTC U11. Well, it looks like the Chinese company has big plans for the future.

HTC is well aware that the mobile telephony sector is highly competitive, and only the best fit into it. That’s why with every mobile phone that launches on the market tries to give its best.

HTC U11 Life

What are HTC’s plans for 2018?

A few hours ago we learned that HTC will be producing double rear camera phones again in 2018. A feature highly valued by today’s consumers and which we all hoped the Chinese company would one day recover. I’m sure many of you remember the 2014 HTC One (M8), which had a second camera in the back. Well, the company will produce at least one main double-chamber telephone next year.

HTC President Chialin Chang said the company’s plans for 2018 include launching five to six phones on the market. These are undoubtedly very ambitious plans.

Although the manager has not said anything about what these phones will look like or what range they will belong to, we have opted for one or at most two flagships. The remainder will be either separate telephones or upper or lower versions of these flagships. It seems that the Chinese company wants to occupy all market niches.

HTC is making its way into the mobile telephony market

This 2017 has been a brilliant year for HTC. The company has introduced the Edge Sense feature, which is most useful; just by pressing the edges of the phone we can access a lot of features, such as Google’s wizard. In addition, it has made great strides in protecting your phones from water and dust; the U11+ is IP68 certified against IP67 certification from the HTC U11.

Via | Phone Arena

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