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Goodbye to Amazon Fresh in various parts of the United States

Amazon Fresh Servicio

Amazon is the great giant of e-commerce. Everything he plays becomes a success, and we’ve already told you that Amazon will load the electric car in motion with drones.

So far. Because it seems that your delivery service for fresh food at home is not going too well… At least in some areas. Several customers have indicated that Amazon Fresh is emailing them that the service will no longer be available at their location as of next month.

This does not mean that Amazon Fresh will disappear completely. Only some users of this service are receiving these emails. Of course, it’s not clear why Amazon has decided to end the delivery of fresh food at home in certain areas.

Amazon Fresh cesta de la compra

Why does Amazon Fresh no longer serve some areas of the United States?

After Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods supermarket chain, Amazon’s future of Amazon Fresh service looked bright. But unfortunately, this has not been the case. Affected customers are from California, New Jersey and Maryland, among others.

However, customers in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston will continue to receive deliveries. At least this is what Amazon says. Although, according to customers, the reality is quite different. It seems that people living in small neighbourhoods in these cities are also receiving e-mails warning them of the end of the service.

Amazon has not said anything clear about what is happening. It is possible that the demand in these places has not been as great as the company expected, or that this type of deliveries do not compensate Amazon economically.

Of course, the acceptance of a service like this is also a bit complicated. Consumers are used to going to the store to buy items like eggs, meat and cheese. Hiring this service so that someone else can go to the market for these products and deliver them to you at home, maybe it is something that not too many people like.

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