Forget about the Bixby button on your Galaxy

Smartphones have been enhanced with the integration of smart assistants such as Samsung’s Bixby or Apple’s Siri. There is no doubt that they offer an interesting experience, although there is still a long way to go to improve it.
We know that the South Korean firm has big plans for his assistant. He is working on the development of Bixby Voice 2.0, as well as making it faster. However, the new Bixby button may bother you in your Galaxy. In that case, the following is of interest to you.

You can now disable full Bixby in your Galaxy

With the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, the Bixby button arrived to summon it quickly. Whether you like it or not, users of these devices have had to live with this new button. For many, the drawback is that the arrival of more languages is slow and therefore not useful. Although there are also advantages, like these 5 things you can do with Bixby.

As it hasn’t finished being the practical thing that the company expected, there have been developers who have tried to give it other functions. But they have been frustrated by the manufacturer, who even tried to come up with a solution. It was unsuccessful because, although it allowed the Bixby activation to be disabled by pressing the button, the screen would turn on if it was turned off.

In other words, all it did was make the new button look like a Start button. This now changes, because it is finally possible to deactivate the Bixby button completely. It is because Samsung has released a new update of Bixby Home. In case it doesn’t update automatically, you can do it by opening Galaxy Apps and going to “My Applications”. There you simply click on update.

Desactivar Bixby actualizacion

This way it is possible to leave the button completely deactivated and forget it if it was not used at all. I’m sure many Galaxy users will be more comfortable with this update. But the truth is that it’s a failure of Samsung, because it could have given him some other use. Instead, the new Bixby button is going to be a mere decoration on many devices.

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