Facebook introduces the surveys, so you can create

Encuestas Facebook disponibles

Social networks don’t stop in implementing new features. It is logical, considering the millions of users who use them and the rivalry between them. The veteran, Facebook, adds a feature for polling friends.

We recently saw Instagram premiering the polls in the stories, if you want to know how they work we show you here. Now, its owner also adds this feature, with which it offers a new possibility.

Instagram polls hit Facebook

It is evident that one of the pillars of any social network is the participation of users, since it is of little use to have many if they are not active. Surveys are a rather successful system for encouraging interaction in an interesting way. Not like the fake sweepstakes, you know why there’s so many on Facebook?

Facebook crear encuestas

The way Facebook polls work is very similar to what we found in Instagram, which is not surprising since it belongs to the same company. Obviously, the aim is to ask a question and offer two options for users to select one. Simply enter the question and fill in the fields for option 1 and option 2. Once this is done, the survey is ready to be posted on the wall. Naturally, each contact accessing the survey will only be able to mark one of the two responses.

As far as making them more enjoyable, you can add photos or animated GIFs, which always work so well. Unlike Instagram’s story polls, Facebook’s stories are not secret. That is, the answers marked by the users will be visible to the rest. So everyone can see who answered what. Perhaps so much transparency is not a point that works in favour of this function, because there will be users to whom the fact that their response is not secret will cause them to refuse to participate.

Facebook introduce encuestas

In any case, Facebook has just introduced the surveys, so we may see some minor changes coming soon. Surveys are now available in the web version, desktop app, and Android and iOS applications. If you still don’t see this feature, it may take a few hours. On Facebook Lite may not be there, what has come to this version less and less lighter are the Stories. Do you think the polls will succeed on Facebook?

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