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Doogee BL7000 – 5.5 inch Smartphone with 7060 mAh battery for $159.99

With ever more powerful processors, larger displays and more memory, smartphones naturally also depend on ever larger batteries. With the Ulefone Power 2 and the Oukitel K10000 Pro we have recently tested two smartphones with a large battery. The Dooogee BL7000 could become a new alternative, as it is equipped with a 7.060 mAh battery.

Doogee BL7000 Smartphone Display


Buy Doogee BL7000 at Gearbest.com for $159.99

Design & Processing

The BL7000 does not focus on the trend of borderless displays, but proudly presents its two screen edges. While the upper one houses loudspeakers and front camera, the lower one features the home button including fingerprint sensor and two more navigation buttons. The majority of the front panel is, however, occupied by the 5.5 inch display, which offers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The display comes from Sharp, but Doogee refrains from protecting it with gorilla glass.

Doogee BL7000 Smartphone Rückseite

The fact that the manufacturer is focusing on a large battery makes itself noticeable in the design. With dimensions of 15.52 x 7.61 x 1.16 cm and a weight of 242 g, the BL7000 is considerably heavier and thicker than comparable 5.5 inch smartphones. The design seems to be popular with Doogee, because the phone looks like the recently introduced Doogee Mix 2 due to the rounded top and bottom side of the phone.

The back, however, is made of imitation leather, similar to the MAZE Comet, and therefore offers a good grip. The Dual Lens camera is centrally located at the top. The edge of the housing offers the power button and the volume rocker on the right side. The power button is nicely also slightly ribbed, which allows you to quickly distinguish this button from the volume buttons. Above these buttons is the Nano-SIM card slot. The Doogee BL7000 is black, but can also be ordered in blue or gold.

Doogee BL7000 Smartphone Rückseite


With the estimated price, it’s almost clear that Doogee will grab the MediaTek MT6750T processor and integrate it into the BL7000. This CPU has recently been used in most smartphones of this price range. A cluster consisting of four Cortex A53 cores, clocks with 1.5 GHz and the second cluster is still clocked with one GHz. In addition, there is the popular combination of four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal memory, which can be extended with a 128 GB microSD card if required.

For photography enthusiasts, a front camera and dual lens camera can be placed inside the Doogee smartphone. The double camera on the back consists of two 13-megapixel Samsung isocell sensors. The LED flash is located between the two lenses on the back of the phone. The only drawback for video enthusiasts would be the fact that you can only record videos in 720p – manageable, but unfortunate. The camera on the front side also triggers with 13 megapixels and is also based on a Samsung Isocell sensor. A front LED is available for poor lighting conditions.

Doogee BL7000 Smartphone Kamera

The most important feature for the Doogee BL7000 is the built-in battery. With a proud 7,060 mAh we are dealing with one of the biggest smartphone batteries at the moment! Only the already mentioned Oukitel K10000 max offers more. Possible competitor smartphones like the Vernee Thor Plus offer “only” a 6,200 mAh battery. Luckily, Doogee thinks along with you and enables a quick charge function with a maximum of 12V and 2A, which means that the BL7000 should be fully charged within an hour. All in all, it should be possible to stand-by for more than 30 days with one charge – so let’s be curious! With the processor, which tends to be less powerful, such values could be almost realistic.

Connectivity & Extras

Since the battery is clearly the most important feature of the smartphone, there are not too many surprises here. Of course, Bluetooth, GPS and WLAN 802.11b/g/n are integrated and do not pose a problem. The LTE bands 1/3/7/8/20 provide mobile network coverage and the included OTG adapter makes a lot of sense especially for this mobile phone, because it can be used as a power bank without worries and you should still have enough juice. By the way, Doogee put the fingerprint sensor on the front side. Unfortunately, no USB type C is used yet, but Micro-USB and a 3.5 mm jack plug has also been thought of.

Android 7.0 is used as the operating system, which hopefully is as close to Stock Android as possible. Included in delivery are the Doogee BL7000, the 12V 2A charger, a micro-USB-cable, an OTG-adapter, a display foil, a silicone case, a microfibre cloth, an instruction manual in German and the warranty card.

Doogee BL7000 Smartphone Front- und Rückseite


If you read through the technical specifications of the Doogee BL7000, it feels like another 0815 smartphone. The memory combination and the CPU are currently in almost every mobile phone between 100 – 150€. The differences here are more in the details and make the Doogee a really promising phone. The 5.5? display resolves in Full HD and not, like the HOMTOM S8, only in HD. In addition, the finishing comes into play, where Doogee can score points and sets accents with the slightly different reverse side. But especially the really enormous battery makes the smartphone interesting for many people, because it will last two days. The only disadvantage is the higher weight of the BL7000, which you have to overlook in case of doubt.

Buy Doogee BL7000 at Gearbest.com for $159.99

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