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Top 5 Best Phones of the Year for Selfies Addict


In the past, the average user’s preoccupation before purchasing a terminal was its performance to run applications. Today the trends have changed, the world of photography dominates the planet and the best mobile phones for selfies are those that are generating large amounts of sales to manufacturers.

Among so many terminals it is difficult to know which one is the best. There are dozens of phones that are very good for taking pictures with the main camera, if you click here you will see several of them. But what about the front camera? This is of vital importance today and few brands are dedicated to improving it. For this reason, we have taken the trouble to make an article with 5 mobile phones that have the best front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy s8

It was to be expected from a giant of his level on this small list. The S8 has an 8 MP front camera, knowing that there are terminals with 13.16 and up to 21 MP many will think it’s too little. But the secret of his good photographs is in his focal aperture: f/1.7. This way you can take excellent photos with autofocus in almost any environment, day or night.

But not only does it give us good experience in photos, the videos recorded by the Galaxy S8 with its front camera are good because it can record in QHD.

Oppo F5: one of the best, for selfies

oppo f5

Since its inception, Oppo’s F line has specialised in manufacturing terminals for the photographic world. The Oppo F5 is a smartphone that has been shown to be among the top 5 for selfies 2017, thanks to the dual 12 MP front camera with autofocus.

In addition, its 6-inch IPS FHD panel with an 18:9 ratio is what a user needs to see the photos well, with sufficient quality. With the help of the front flash any picture taken in the dark will have an acceptable quality.

Sony Xperia XZ1

sony xperia xz1

This terminal has a 13 MP camera on the front, its focal aperture is f/2.0 and includes the autofocus function. It also has interesting tools such as Continuos Shooting, HDR and Burst mode.

The IPS screen of the ZX1 measures about 5.2 inches and has FHD resolution. The mobile phone has the perfect size to go well in the hands of any user, especially for the female gender, which usually has the smallest hand than most men.

iPhone 8: I couldn’t miss the apple titan.

iphone 8

There are terminals with Android very good for making selfies. But no doubt every year Apple with its flagship makes many competitors in the market opaque.

The iPhone 8 doesn’t need many megapixels to be one of the best cameras. With 7 MP it shows that with a focal aperture of f/2.2 and the use of the HDR function it takes selfies very similar to those of the Galaxy S8, in some conditions even better.

Vivo V7+: 24 MP for a front end camera is not so much

vivo v7

Since its existence was known, the Vivo V7+ has given a lot of talk on our website. The reason for this is its impressive 24 MP front camera with f/2.0 focal aperture. The 5.9-inch frameless HD display with an 18:9 ratio makes it a popular mobile device. The brand has greatly limited the quality of its display at the time of manufacture. But this detail will not prevent magnificent selfies from being obtained through it. Face Beuty 7.0 beauty mode is the most outstanding feature of your camera, its function is to beautify the face in every photo you take. But that’s not all, but this professional photography mode can also be activated in video and applications like Skype through video calls.

And for you, what’s the best motive for selfies? Tell us if there are any mobile phones that should or shouldn’t be on the list and we forgot.

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