Dual cameras will return to HTC in 2018

HTC One M8 camara dual

Many may not remember that moment, but HTC has been one of the first companies to manufacture phones with a double rear tandem camera to enhance their photos. Although one of the pioneers in the inclusion of this feature, she quickly gave up and went back to single lens cameras.

Was it that bad for you? The truth is that no, HTC launched the HTC U11 some time ago and, at that time, managed to be crowned at the top of DxOMark with a simple camera but currently that is no longer enough. HTC is pretty banged up and needs something new to stand out, though she doesn’t know what to do. We don’t have much faith that HTC will be able to rebound on sales because of the many novelties it releases (unless it’s going to go down the price in a bestial way). We are also ruling out the latter, as the HTC U11 Life costs a nonsense.

HTC U11 Life camara trasera

HTC will resume dual rear cameras, but does not know how to

The HTC One M8 was one of the first dual-chamber mobile phones, in full 2014. His second camera was used to measure the depth as it is now but there was a clear difference, the mobile phone allowed to choose the depth but did not bring a portrait mode with bokeh effect as the current ones.

Now, as we can read in Engadget, HTC has confirmed that it will again make one or more double-camera phones in the coming year, 2018. The president of the company’s mobile division, Chialin Chang, said:”HTC will launch a double-chamber phone next year but we will have to find a way to make this double-chamber stand out from the rest.

Although HTC was one of the pioneering companies to mount a double camera on the back of their phones, the HTC One M8 did measure depth like many of the current configurations but didn’t have an automatic portrait mode that served any useful purpose. The early dual cameras were quite useless because a simple camera could do the same (just look at the selective approach of the Samsung Galaxy).

The most interesting thing about this news is that HTC knows it will launch a double chamber next year but doesn’t know how to differentiate itself from the competition. Will you be working with Google on the new Pixel 3 and a double camera? Well, surely not, we can’t forget that part of HTC’s mobile division now belongs to Google as a result of its latest agreement.

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