WhatsApp is down: here’s what to do

WhatsApp caido de nuevo

Yes, WhatsApp has fallen, no doubt about it. Somewhere on Facebook’s servers there is more than smoke, and that’s that something is not working right now. Of course, WhatsApp fails again, what can we do to fix it, communicate with our contacts and not die in the meantime.

If you want to be able to use WhatsApp again, check where and when it’s down, this is your site. Not only that, but we’re also going to show you other alternatives so you can talk to your contacts when WhatsApp is down. Don’t miss out on the detail, that here come all our tricks and tips.

WhatsApp does not work: what to do?

Most of the time WhatsApp doesn’t work on our mobile is usually due to some factor in our mobile. Maybe we’re not in a place with too much coverage, our Wi-Fi has been dropped… the possibilities are endless. However, this time it’s not our fault, but Facebook’s. Or WhatsApp, it depends on how you see it.

In this case, WhatsApp servers fail. Why is that? Initially, this might be a problem with the new message deletion feature. You don’t know her yet? We recently told you that messages sent by WhatsApp could be deleted, what good news!

whatsapp-caido que hacer

However, this good news is likely to be taking a few hours of whatsApp’s not being able to speak for WhatsApp. Know when WhatsApp will be back online. Another option would be that the servers have collapsed for no apparent reason, and it doesn’t have to be the fault of deleting messages.

One key there, one key here and, surprise! Some WhatsApp worker has mistakenly dropped the company’s servers. The worst thing about this is that, even if it sounds like a joke, it could happen perfectly.

How do I keep talking if WhatsApp is down?

Now that we know WhatsApp is down, we have no way to fix it from our mobile phone or computer, because it’s not our fault. However, we can opt for alternatives to WhatsApp that work much better. Yes, we’re talking about Telegram, one of our thirty best apps for Android, and it’s no wonder.

Telegram offers us much more than WhatsApp and, as you can guess, it doesn’t fall as much as WhatsApp. It also allows us to create groups of thousands of people, has a spectacular gif engine and we can even play a lot of games in their chat rooms. Better than WhatsApp, right?

Now that we know of a good alternative while WhatsApp is down, how do we know if WhatsApp works? To do this, we can use web sites like DownDetector, which shows us how WhatsApp’s fall is evolving around the world. The map is now quite red, so the failure of this application is widespread.

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