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Google Feed changes its interface with these new features

Today Google is having a productive day. He has released an update to improve Bluetooth connections with Fast Pair, but he has also helped Google Feed.

These are not drastic changes, but a series of modifications for its redesign. The user interface thus looks refreshed. More in line with the lines we have seen in the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, with which, by the way, the company is now giving away its headphones that are generating controversy. You want to know what’s changed?

Google redesigns Google Now feed

We were used to the face of Google Now, which now has replaced Google Feed with Google Feed after Alphabet’s optimizations to offer much smarter cards. With this redesign, it is clear that Mountain View’s giant prefers to finish with the paintings; now he’s into rounded corners.

They arrive with the release of the new version, which is 7.15. Apart from the edge detailing in virtually all user interface elements. From the search bar in the feed, to the results, going through the cards of each article, as well as the tabs Explore and Your things.

Google Now New Feed

The background has also been modified, because it changes from a light grey to an unpolished white colour. The bar at the bottom of the screen now shows some slightly different icons, with a small redesign and no labels. It doesn’t vary the functionality of each one, although we see that the tab used to start the Google Wizard has disappeared.

It is because the redesign of the user interface also seeks to end the drawer for navigation. Now it’s all in one tab. This makes it possible to access our search shortcuts, settings, reminders, customization section or administration section more quickly.

So far, the arrival of this redesign has taken place for some countries. Google is releasing version 7.15 of Google Feed in a staggered fashion, so it’s just a matter of patience. Although they are not changes that suppose a new experience. What do they look like?

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