House of Cards has been suspended, why?

House of Cards suspendida

Netflix is undoubtedly the queen of the series (with pardon from HBO). This subscribed streaming content platform has managed to find its way into millions of homes. And that is, in part, due to the good quality of their productions. As is House of Cards.

Issued by Netflix, directed by David Fincher and with Kevin Spacey at the head of the executive producers, it is one of the best series on political themes. However, its global success does not appear to be sufficient to prevent it from being suspended indefinitely.

House of Cards: Netflix suspends shooting

Kevin Spacey is taking its toll on his litigation with Anthony Rapp, who played Star Trek at the age of 14 and recently charged the protagonist of House of Cards with sexual harassment. Spacey himself, in a statement where he apologized to Rapp for the events of three decades ago, took advantage to announce his homosexuality.

So these are times of controversy for Spacey. The bad news is, they’re splashing into the series where he’s performing masterfully. As Netflix reported yesterday, the sixth season will be the last. It is precisely the one currently being filmed in Baltimore.

The network and MRC (the producer) have issued a statement stating that “they have decided to suspend shooting for the sixth season until further notice. They explain that, in order to have the necessary time to “analyze the current situation and address the concerns of its distribution and its team”.

Alluding to the cast and the team, it seems that the House of Cards suspension is indeed related to the problems that its protagonist is having. The truth is that, since Anthony Rapp made his accusations, Kevin Spacey is seeing his image seriously damaged. A pity, because this political drama can boast to be one of the most successful contents of the most successful platform.

We’ll have to see how things are going to continue to see if we can finally enjoy a seventh season of House of Cards. What do you think?

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