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Google Assistant is now available in Spanish, try it now!

google assistant en espanol

We’ve been waiting for some time now, but we can finally say that Google Assistant is now available in Spanish. As you know, we’re talking about the new Google wizard with some great improvements over Google Now. It is more intelligent and brings us closer to the concept of Siri or Cortana. The good news is that it can already be used in Spanish.

We recently told you how to download Google Assistant APK. However, you know these things always go slow. But today, we have new data we want you to know.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant in Spanish

From this moment on we can confirm that Google Assistant, the virtual assistant of Mountain View’s giant, already understands Spanish. In other words, we can speak to you in Spanish / Spanish that will understand us perfectly. To do this, we will simply have to configure the wizard in that language.

The moment you take your smartphone and set up Google Assistant for Spanish, you’ll get more options. Why is that? Because you won’t have to use the English commands anymore. You can use them naturally, in your own language.

This was necessary because although we must all speak English, not everyone knows how to pronounce it well. And that made it hard enough to use the assistant. But now, it’s more like “sew and sing.”

For many before it was like not having it. However, it now offers an experience like the one we might see in the United States.

We are looking at a Google Assistant in Spanish who understands our language very well. The answers are quick, elaborate and very interesting. They have been slow to implement it but the results are good, so you can’t blame Google for anything. They’ve made it a luxury with their new assistant.

Initially landed on Google Pixel. This doesn’t take away the fact that you can’t enjoy it on other compatible terminals. One option is to download Allo. This way you can make contact with the assistant. Less gives a stone!

Remember, Google Assistant comes to replace Google Voice Search and Google Now. Will he make it? He’s already got it! It’s a thousand laps and much more advanced.

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