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Why did Sony’s sales drop in the last quarter of 2017?

Sony ventas

The Japanese multinational Sony has had very good seasons in the world of technology. Both in the production of mobile phones and other devices, the numbers always go up. However, there are always small dark clouds along the way and their second quarter of fiscal year 2017 has been one of them.

As a company with several divisions, it is logical that one of them suffers a decrease in sales. But the truth is that on this occasion, the mobile communications department was the one that lowered its numbers compared to the same period last year.

Sony Department Sales

Sony registro de ventas

Overall, Sony posted $1.15 billion in Q2 2017, an increase of 22% over the previous year. This was due to the impact of exchange rates and also the increase in game and network sales. But, the mobile communications division couldn’t improve on what happened in Q2 last year.

Specifically, the mobile communications department is known to have lost just over $22 million (nearly’ 19 million). This means a 3% decrease in sales. What is the reason for this percentage loss? The high impact of exchange rates, the increase in the cost of some components and marketing costs.

Among other data revealed, we have learned that Sony sold fewer mobile phones compared to Q2 in 2016. Although we pointed out three months ago that the company’s mobile division was working beautifully, performance could not be improved in the second quarter of the fiscal year for the company. Remember that the fiscal year for the company starts on another date that does not coincide with the calendar year. And we say this to avoid confusion related to the dates mentioned above. Sony’s fiscal year begins the second calendar quarter, for them it would be the first.

PlayStation, Sony’s leading revenue division

PlayStation departamento Sony

PlayStation is the most profitable department for Sony. Sales of consoles and games led to more than $484 million (over €416 million) in revenue for this division. More than 4 million units were sold, so this helped to improve the company’s numbers.

In addition, the semiconductor department also generated more than 436 million dollars (just over 375 million euros). Thanks to this division, image sensors for smartphones are produced. With these figures, there is no doubt that Sony prepares for terminal the year by the big door.

The current year is still several weeks away. This moment is crucial for all firms and especially for Sony. Have you ever had a Sony phone? If you’d like a Sony Xperia XA1 Plus, you can keep the Sony Xperia XA1 Plus, a handset that aspires to be among the best in the midrange.

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