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MediaTek and Google team up to launch faster updates

MediaTek Procesador

Android is the world’s most widely used operating system; we have already told you that by the beginning of 2017 it had surpassed even Microsoft Windows. However, when manufacturing mobile phones with Android as their operating system, it should be borne in mind that not all companies use the same components.

Google and MediaTek, two of the world’s most important companies, have reached a collaboration agreement. Google will modify Android especially with an add-on for mobile devices with MediaTek processors.

This way, with an operating system designed specifically for them, phones gain in performance and updates are faster. The implementation in question will be called Google’s Mobile Service Express.


What are the benefits of Google’s Mobile Service Express?

There are two major advantages worth considering.

Easier updates

There are certain companies, especially the smaller ones, that don’t update their devices to the latest versions of Android too often. From now on, with this collaboration, they will have it a lot easier, but that doesn’t mean that they will do it either.

Most frequent launches

Manufacturers will now be able to skip some certifications and, with it, launch devices with the latest versions of the operating system more frequently.

Up to now, MediaTek has used Board Support Package (BSP). Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers with these processors and Android operating system had to contact Google when deploying their applications on the devices.

With the new collaboration between Google and MediaTek, the Chinese company says that its partners will reduce certification time by 66%; now it will only take 30 days, when the average time was 3 months.

Thanks to the agreement between the two companies, MediaTek will offer pre-certified versions of Android and compatible with Google services. In this way, the Chinese company will offer a much more satisfying experience to its users and will also allow the phones to be brought to market better updated and faster.

This is not the first time that MediaTek has reached an agreement with another company. We already told you that Meizu had partnered with MediaTek to improve facial recognition technology.

Via | Android Authority

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