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Android Oreo is about to arrive at the Galaxy S8

As Google announces a new version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system, we wonder when our smartphone will be able to update. Now comes good news for those who have a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Although it is not the latest, the South Korean company is not one of the fastest to upgrade. But seeing the success of your high-end devices, it makes sense to “demand” them more. The arrival of Android Oreo is an important aspect, and it seems to be close.

Android Oreo interface leaks in the Galaxy S8

As leaked by the XDA Developers portal, the latest version of Android could soon land on Samsung’s current flagships. Because it has shown in images the Oreo interface on Galaxy S8.

Android Oreo beta en Galaxy S8 filtracion 1

This is a version for the beta program, a practice that Google has made fashionable and we are seeing in the big manufacturers, such as OnePlus or Nokia. Samsung herself already did it last year with Android Nougat and its update for the Galaxy S7. Another important 2017 top range, such as the LG G6, will soon receive Android Oreo is the LG G6.

The above-mentioned media reports that the South Korean giant could choose this time to implement its beta program for Android Oreo in the Galaxy S8 divided into two distinct phases. In particular, the first one would be dedicated to updates for South Korea, North America and the United Kingdom.

Android Oreo beta en Galaxy S8 filtracion 2

In the second phase, it would reach more countries: Spain, Germany, France, India, China and Poland. Rumors that have been circulating pointed to October 31st as the day chosen for the launch of the beta program for the Galaxy S8. The day has passed, but with this leakage we see that they were not far off course.

As we read in Reddit, where a user has cleared up many doubts about the performance of Android Oreo in these high-end Samsung, it looks like it will be at a higher level than Nougat.

Android Oreo beta en Galaxy S8 filtracion 3

If we consider that the Galaxy S8 works perfectly with the current version, it’s not hard to imagine that with Oreo, which is better than Nougat, the experience will be very satisfying. And it looks like the update’s coming down.

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