Samsung launches Galaxy Note 8 “Enterprise Edition”

Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition

Samsung has just introduced a new Galaxy, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition but… What’s new in this model? Why a business edition?

Many people will wonder why Samsung has launched a new Note 8 for companies but we will clarify the doubts and let you know what the differences are with respect to the “normal” version.

Samsung assures that modern companies have a big problem to administer their mobile strategies and that those in charge of managing their communications need a more refined solution. The Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition offers what workers need, with added value for the one who manages them and a powerful mobile phone as the base model.

Galaxy Note 8 AP

What does Galaxy Note 8 “Company Edition” allow us to do?

This new Samsung phone, in addition to everything that comes with the regular edition, here you can see the full specifications of the Galaxy Note 8, adds two very important new features to the world of work.

Personalization and remote administration

Samsung’s Enterprise version of the flagship adds two essential applications:

  • Samsung Knox Configure: the first one allows us to easily configure any mobile phone from a remote environment for its start-up. The ICT administrator in the company could configure the mobile phone without having it in hand and remotely.
  • Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA): The ICT manager could update all mobile phones at once, from his office and with remote support so that all mobile phones are in the same configuration at the same time.

This will allow all mobile phones to have a specific business configuration but without the user having to configure it manually or the administrator having to do with it. You can have a default setting and apply it over the Internet without major problems.

More security and support

In addition to that, Samsung adds two key new features to this Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition that we find quite interesting:

  • Guarantees security updates for 3 years: From now on, the Galaxy Note 8 purchased by users will have security updates for 3 years, which do not have to be Android version.
  • Possibility of purchasing for 2 years: Samsung also assures that the mobile phone will be available for 2 years to avoid that, one year later, the company has to change the entire fleet of mobile phones because a model no longer has stock.

And yes, in addition to that, Galaxy Note 8 users will enjoy the new features of the base model, Infinity Display screen, an impressive dual camera with double OIS, Samsung DeX, IP68 protection, etc….

Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition

Price and availability of this model

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will hit the American market right now, in black for $994. How about the price? It is possible that this version may not reach Spain because it is a mobile phone a little expensive to be a business mobile…

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