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Receive a Google Pixel 2 XL without Android? It’s happening

Google Pixel 2 XL sin Android instalado

The new Made by Google phones generate divided opinions. Some see the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL as a good response from the company to Apple, but they’re certainly not without problems.

It’s no big deal that a smartphone has some bugs, but if you consider that Google’s biggest model sets a price from 959 euros, it’s logical that we are more demanding.

Google is sending the Pixel 2 XL without Android installed

What would you think if you got your expensive new smartphone without an operating system? I’m sure nothing good. This is what has happened to a user, as the Android Authority portal collects. The user has published in Reddit an image showing his newcomer Pixel 2 XL without any version of Android installed. Obviously, since you have nothing to load, the device displays the message “A valid operating system cannot be found”.

Pixel 2 XL error sin sistema operativo

It seems more like a practical joke (almost a thousand euros of prank), but it’s a real fact. The owner of this “empty” Pixel 2 XL has taken it with a good sense of humour, but it’s not something that can be tolerated by a company like Google. Because it means that, if there is one person who has received a mobile phone without an operating system, there can be quite a few more cases. And that is a very serious mistake.

Let’s hope the Mountain View giant fixes it, because sending smartphones without Android is a problem that doesn’t go unnoticed. But if it’s about your own terminal and your own operating system, it’s more serious. And it is also the most ambitious model of Google, you can see how it differs from Pixel 2 in this article.

Pixel 2 XL blanco

In any case, the Pixel 2 XL is also not a matter of detriment, because it has powerful specifications and a well thought-out full-screen design. Apart from the fact that Android (as long as this error doesn’t occur) is the most rival to iPhone X, these other 5 reasons invite you to buy it. If you want to know what note the iFixit team has given you, we’ll show you here.

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