Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop: Beautiful the floor never shone?

With the mission to improve and simplify our lives (or to make us believe it at least 😉), the Chinese engineering giant Xiaomi wants to make us easier and easier to work in the household. The Xiaomi sucking robot already showed this, now Xiaomi also brings us a mop. This does not work however self-sufficient and has to our all surprise also no Bluetooth with. What makes the mop still interesting, read it here.

Xiaomi Mi electric mop

If it went to Xiaomi, we would already have an Xiaomi alarm clock in the morning , we would go to a coffee from the Xiaomi coffee machine and pull with Xiaomi shoes first a round jog. The Xiaomi mop drops into the area of ​​the “smart home”, that we also want to make Amazon, Google and Co. already tasty. The basic idea here is to match the individual devices to each other, to combine them and thus to be able to work well together. In fact, the mop can not be combined because it has no connectivity. However, the wiping should be associated with much less effort and effort than is known from conventional devices.

Xiaomi Mi electric mop use

Even if the wiping of the apartment with the Xiaomi wiper now as a walk occurs, with the wiper through the apartment you have to run anyway. And this is done with a simple mop without electronics yes (which is next to the use of the arm musculature probably the most annoying smearing). Inside the cleaning unit, a high-frequency motor operates, which makes it 1000 revolutions per minute. Also installed is a LED light , whereby according to the description dirt spots and other dirt can be better seen (in the event that you also in the dark like the mopping mop 😀). Even with hair the mop should be able to handle well.

Xiaomi Mi electric mop mop

The built-in 2000 mAh battery allows you to use the mop for 50 minutes without having to hang on the wall socket. However, this must also be charged for three hours . Then a 100 m² apartment should be cleaned 3-4 times. This also depends on the individual use. If you put the mop with its long handle in an upright position, the mop goes into an energy-saving standby mode . Before use, it must be filled with water with the supplied measuring cup to wipe. With the dimensions 43,0 x 43,0 x 33,0 cm , the mop in the living room is not necessarily in the way, But the design is a little too chic for the storage room. Anyone who thinks about cleaning the mop must first be able to hold the weight of 2.4 Kg.

Xiaomi Mi electric mop household

Until now the electronic household aid is not yet available, but you can get information about GearBest by mail if the mop is to be bought. If you scroll through the product description for the GearBest offer, the price of 155,75 € will be displayed. It is quite possible that this is also the future purchase price. This would be quite common for a normal mop without electronics, but other electric models come at comparable prices. By and large, however, a product for Xiaomi fans, not necessarily one for the broad masses. I personally tend to tend to a wiper robot.

Buy Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop for $99.99 at GearBest  ( coupon :  XMMOP )


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