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The 6 Best Scientific Calculators

The best scientific calculators will be those that have the functions you need, since it is worthless to have a calculator with thousands of functions if you are not going to use it.

There are thousands of models on the market, but only a few of them stand out and are worthwhile for their price and of course, integrated features.

1. Casio FX-82MS

mejor calculadora científica

It is one of the most widely used Casio scientific calculators, because it has all the necessary functions and also some advanced options at an excellent price.

Basically, in its design it has a screen with a clear background and black letters, where it shows the data in 2 lines. This data can be moved around the screen thanks to the integrated cursor, which works with the 4-way central button. It has more than 240 functions, 24 levels of parentheses and integrates the following functions: trigonometry, percentages, regression, hyperbolic, degrees, transformation from decimal to sexagesimal, among others. This calculator is an ideal economic model for a student who does not require advanced functions.

2. Casio FX-85GTPLUS

mejores calculadoras científicas

This Casio Scientific calculator is a solar-powered model with a back-up battery, which is great because it avoids running out of batteries during an exam, which means that you don’t need to run out of batteries during an exam. It has a screen that integrates 2 lines and 20 digits, and since it is natural, it allows to visualize fractions with roots and powers, something that facilitates a little bit the work with this data, which can be manipulated thanks to the integrated cursor.

It integrates 260 functions, among which are: trigonometric, hyperbolic, factorization, exponential, percentages, among others. It is an intermediate model, which allows you to have a calculator with a natural screen and also to have a device that is powered by solar energy, which can be very useful.

3. Casio FX-991ES PLUS

mejor calculadora científica 2017

A Casio model of advanced scientific calculators that has basic and advanced functions, but also adds a natural screen, which basically shows the data in a more graphical form, as seen in textbooks, thus increasing the understanding of what is being done.

The display shows mathematical expressions such as roots and fractions. It also includes a cursor that allows you to move through the data on the screen.

It has 417 functions and allows you to solve equations, in addition to having 20 pairs of values for metric conversions. Among the outstanding functions are: metric, hyperbolic, exponential, ex, inverse wheat, besides being able to perform calculations with complex numbers.

It’s a model to keep in mind if you want something that has a natural screen, where the data is easily displayed.

4. Casio FX-991SPXII

mejor calculadora científica 2017

This model is a modern scientific calculator with basic and advanced functions, it has a natural screen that is capable of displaying graphs in icon format, which makes it possible to work with various types of data.

It has an integrated cursor that allows you to navigate through the menu of icons on the screen and choose between the different functions, being able to visualize the data in a more friendly way, but without becoming a graphical calculator as such.

In addition to the menu, it has a spreadsheet, QR code function, 24 levels of parentheses, and integrates 553 functions including: trigonometrics, hyperbolic, logarithms, combinatorial and permutation, factoring, conversions, statistics based on lists and variables, among other additional functions.

It is a high-end option that can be useful both for a student who wants something that makes the surgery easier, as well as for professional use.

5. Sharp EL-W531

calculadora científica

Another interesting option is this scientific Sharp calculator, which is of intermediate level, which has interesting functions, such as programmable buttons that with one click execute a series of calculations to define. Sharp calculators are known for adding such shortcuts.

It has a natural screen, which allows to visualize 4 lines, so you can work with hyperbolic, fractions, square roots, irrational, logarithms to any base including base e, powers, reciprocal and trigonometric relations.

The calculator has buttons for moving the cursor, as well as other useful buttons such as the “change” button that allows you to switch between irrational, rational and decimal.

It is a calculator that makes the work much easier thanks to its shortcuts and allows a comfortable operation through the integrated 4-line display.

6. HP 35SC#B12 Programable

calculadoras científicas

We came across a programmable HP scientific calculator, which means you can create the formulas you want and then insert the data to get the results. This allows you to program the calculator to perform functions that do not come as standard, such as inverting matrices.

The screen is simple, it has 2 lines, although it allows to perform most operations without problems. It has the typical buttons that act as cursor on the screen.

It integrates more than 100 functions and 42 physical constants, fractions mode, simple and two-variable statistics, linear regression, among others. It has 30 KB and more than 800 memory records available to save your programs and have more functions, which can be downloaded from the Internet if you want.

Ideal for professional, scientific or medical applications, as it makes the task much easier to have the ability to schedule the day-to-day functions. For students it may also be useful, although in many institutes this type of programmable calculator is not allowed.

Buy scientific calculator

As you’ll see, as the price goes up, you’ll find calculators that have more features. There are basic ones and others that have interesting aggregates, such as screens that show more data, menus or even have the possibility of making schedules, something very useful and that greatly speeds up the task. There are many types of scientific calculators, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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