JESY J9S, roared with IP69K for only 225 Euros

The new JESY J9S roaring smartphone has already been launched for anyone who loves this style of handset.

Even if this brand is not well known yet, we are already talking about one of its terminals when you approach the JESY J7, a smartphone with walkietalkie function. Perhaps from the moment we begin to know this brand, we will take it more into account for future terminals.


This rugged smartphone is governed by Android 7.0 which may be upgraded to the next version in the future. With a Helio P10 processor at 2.0 GHz speed and 4 GB RAM memory, the JESY J9S wants to hit the table in all directions.

This smartphone is protected by a unique, high-tech Covestro polymer housing. This type of material is usually used in many high-end automobiles. These polymers act as a shock absorber, i. e. they will be protected against shock, falls or any physical damage to the terminal.

One of the strengths of this phone is its interior, more specifically its battery. Apart from having the capacity to be charged wirelessly with QI technology, this 6150 mAh battery gives us the possibility to have about 16 hours of screen without having to charge it again or several days of entertainment with normal use.

According to the company itself, one of the proudest points is the integration of hardware and software technology. In addition to the tools that go through a magnetic field sensor, an advanced gyroscope air pressure sensor to calculate direction and elevation, it is also IP69K certified.

This certification provides the greatest protection in terms of mobile telephony, being able to immerse the phone in liquid without receiving any damage.


Availability and price of JESY J9S

If you like this terminal made “for the war”, you have to know that from the 23rd to the 29th of this month, the people of Coolicool have a flash sale in which you can get it for a price of 225 euros.

If you like this roaring smartphone, but you don’t have “Cash” to buy it, you can get a totally free phone on its Spanish Facebook page as long as you follow the instructions and win the draw. Hurry up, the deadline for participation is tomorrow the 30th. If you are one of the winners or if you have one, leave us your opinions.


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